Limelight US#12 2Night-Only 10m needs healer!

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Our roster has two amazing healers, and since we will be working on heroics really soon, we're probably gonna need a 3rd one soon. As the title says, we're actually in the top 10 guilds that never raids more than 2 nights a week. This third healer needs to be someone that can hold 80k+ HPS over a 8-10 min fight without ooming. They also have to understand that sometimes they will be sat, as not every fight is a 3 heal fight and Limelight always rolls with a 12-Core roster. That being said, If you're interested add me to Hyph#1303.

P.S. Any exceptional players are always considered. I don't do written applications, all interviews are held thru mumble.

Currently 9/12
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US top 10.... lolololololol Try US 736

Why the need to lie so blatantly?

Also, if you set the search for US Horde guilds, english speaking, 1 - 2 nights per week you are #34

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The hate is strong in this one.

Did you even try clicking some of the guilds that show up under 1-2 nights a week? Most of them are lies and the other say they raid 2 nights but they add extra nights. I did my research
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I took the freedom to update the list.
As of 3/25/13, this is the list of all US-10 man guilds horde/alliance 2-Night ONLY up to Limelight

#1 (H) Peon Culture US-Hydraxis 1/13H
#2 (A) Separation Anxiety US-Silvermoon 12/12
#3 (A) Weekend Warrior US-Dragonmaw 12/12
#4 (H) Insanity US-Thrall 11/12
#5 (H) For Great Justice US-Mug'thol 11/12
#6 (H) Digital Addiction US-Shadow Council 11/12
#7 (A) F E T I S H US-Terenas 11/12
#8 (A) Argentum Legion US-Wyrmrest Accord 10/12
#9 (A) devise US-Sargeras 10/12
#10 (H) relax US-Frostmourne 9/12
#11 (A) Fortis US-Kel'thuzad 9/12
#12 (H) Limelight US-Uldaman 9/12

Feel free to double check my work. More than half of the guilds that show up on your filter either straight up say they raid 3-4 nights in their info (making the 2 Night category selection a mistake/lie) or have added or raided an extra night not listed in their raid times. If you have any questions, suggestions or contests, you can reach me in-game and I'll gladly answer.

*Due to some guilds passing us since last time i did this list, i will update the title to a more accurate description.
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When I was looking for a guild the other day that raided two days a week, I was clicking on them and it was funny to see you guys that high on the list for two day a week guilds. Too bad no one out there recruits tanks anymore, I'll blame blizzard for that. Great group the one night I jumped in to help, highly recommend them if you want to find a light guild that will still make decent progression! Wish you guys the best in your future!
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Thanks Bose! You know you'll always be welcome to hang out with us! Maybe we can catch some T14 raids sometime, that of course if you're willing to group up with scum :)
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Bump for these guys....... ;o)
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