Unlocking The Thunderforge

90 Blood Elf Warrior
I am a 600. BS and I am very excited about the thunderforge. To fill u in. When unlocked a mob called itoka will be in the area to kill. She drops a quest item called lighting metal Ingot only lootable by a BS. you turn it in and u unlock the plans to make lighting steel ingots and 7. Different plans of 502 weapons. Also when u make a lightning steel ingot you have a chance to find armour plans. So as you can see this is a big deal for the BS's of shandris. Now I would like to be the first one to kill. So please if you see me trying to spam General chat plz take 5min if your time to help and kill cuz this is a big deal for ppl like me.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
I am pretty sure that there will be multiple BS in their trying for the kill as well.
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90 Human Paladin
Something to remember is that Itoka is also a quest mob for one of the rotating dailies, so there should be plenty of people trying to kill him. So, no need to tag him or group up. Just wait for a couple other people from your faction.

Even if his daily isn't the one that's up, I'm sure there will be plenty of BS's waiting to help you kill it.
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90 Human Paladin
So has anyone gotten some good patterns from their daily CD yet?

Day 1, I got Haunted Steel Warboots, but today I just got a crappy blue pvp pattern. =\

Also, if anyone knows; Do we have a chance at learning the patterns for the upgraded versions of the Reborn weapons? Or do we only get those when after making each of the weapons?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Elbren, I am 3/3 on 522 patterns so far, including my latest addition of the Plate healing boots today. Either the chance of learning a current tier recipe is fairly good, or I'm just getting lucky the last 3 days.

As far as the Reborn weapons go, if you open up your BS recipe book and highlight one of them, you'll get your answer.
You have to forge 1 of them to unlock that weapons upgraded version. So, make the 2 handed sword, and you'll learn how to make the higher ilevel 2 handed sword. The mats will be identical to the first time you did it, with 2 exceptions : You'll need to use the original sword you made, and the Lightning Ingot cost goes up to 10 instead of 5. Once you make the upgraded version, you'll learn the final version. Same deal as before. You'll use the 2nd tier sword and 15 Lighting Ingots, plus the other mats to make the final 502 (pretty sure that's the ilevel Blizz decided on for the final versions) BoE weapon.

TL:dr - You have to make each weapon to unlock the higher ilevel version recipe. Making Ingots each day can only proc pvp gear or 522 armor recipes.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I see now, after I wrote all that out, from the way you phrased your question, that you probably already understood the process about upgrading each weapon. I'll leave all that there though, just in case there might be anyone else who is curious about it and checks the forum for an explanation. The short answer to your question is just

You have to make each weapon to unlock the higher ilevel version recipe. Making Ingots each day can only proc pvp gear or 522 armor recipes.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Oh, I have an embarressing story to share about that ingot. I'll tell it so others won't repeat my boo-boo.
I had just killed the mob for the quest and was still in the area when it respawned and a guildmate had killed it again. That guildmate is a BS, got the drop, and it was his second drop, so he didn't need it. He traded it to me, and I didn't know what it was for, but he said it would open the door behind me, and to try it. So I took the ingot's quest, opened the door, and just followed the yellow exclamation points like a trail of crumbs, lol.
I got BS plans this alchemist can't use. And they were soul-bound, to boot.
I felt guilty for taking the crazy thing, but he assured me the mob drops it every time, so I didn't take anything rare.
But having inadvertantly gotten a peek at the results, it looks like an exciting development for smithers! Just don't bother handing it off to someone, lol, unless they're a smith too.
Ya know, with hindsight, I'm surprised it was trade-able *shrug*
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Do you need to be maxed in Blacksmithing to obtain the ingot? Or does it just drop for anyone who is a BS?
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100 Human Paladin
Did the quest for this get stopped with the new patch or is it just a bug I got because I took a guild member to got the quest he got it and turned it in but no new plans or lighting ingot abilty was unlocked
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