Looking for friendly people to group with!

90 Night Elf Hunter
Greetings to all my fellow World of Warcraft players... I have been playing this game since the very beginning and through the years I have seen the player base become more rude, annoying, and just extremely aggravating to group with... I miss the days of vanilla WoW when people actually worked together, were A LOT more friendly, and enjoyable to group with. I feel like team work has just become an ancient thing of the past... I for one have soloed for the most part over the years because I just don't like how most people are anymore.. which leads me to the very reason I am writing this post in the first place. I am looking for some friendly, down to earth people to group with.. run randoms, LFR, and dailies with... even the possibility of leveling toons together. I've just always preferred the company of others when playing this game but for whatever reason I never end up with a good group, or the people I know that play this game sleep when I play or they are too busy with their kids or whatever else it might be. I normally play from late at night til early morning 11pm to 8am (CST). If anyone reading this plays over night like I do and is looking for a friendly person to group and do things with, look me up and let me know! I play mainly here on Medivh or on Wyrmrest Accord (Alliance side on both). I am normally online with my main on Medivh (Larken, my level 90 Night Elf Hunter).. that or Lithrandir, my Night Elf Monk that I have been leveling up. But I have MANY alts over on Wyrmrest Accord that are all fairly low level so if anyone wanted to team up and level, I am good with that as well! So please if anyone out there is looking to run things with another person that is friendly, let me know. Thanks for reading this. Back to Azeroth I go...
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