The called.

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Merissa walked through the crumbling building. Passing a hand over a old torch set in a wall. The burned out stick a focus for the small blue witchlight that illuminated all the temples of the mother. The place had once been a holy site of the shadow, then some holy monks of the light had claimed it, some time later a small sect of druids worshiped here, but before it all trollish shaman made sacrifices to their loa here.

The place had been holy to many things. Light and dark. She looked at the place. The stones could be scavanged, but a whole building would have to be built and dedicated. The task at hand had been to much for her alone. There were simply to many lost souls to help move on. To many who would enslave those souls for one woman to get everything done.

The mother had sent her a dream of this place. Of the place it would become. Allready a few had been called. Both to the temple guard and the priesthood. More would come. Then work on the temple could begin in ernest.


The Grey Sisters is a guild that is a temple holy order. They serve a goddess of just death. If you know who Kelemvor is they are like that. They are not Argent zelots. Their order presides over funerals and guards burial sites. They help souls move on to their judgement and whatever afterlife they have earned. They believe death is a right of all beings.

That being said they also hunt down and pronounce judgement on those who abuse the souls of the dead, or create undead. They hunt down undead to help them move along in the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. They do not hate the undead in any form. They simply destroy an undeads mortal shell so it can go on to its proper place. It is simply a thing that must be done, for the soul of the undead.

The Grey Sisters are neutral. ICly at least. Even if the game forces us into factions. We only fight to protect our holy sites. The sisters do not look down on any other faith on Azeroth, as to them they are all valid, they all have their own afterlife or reincarnation. They will work with anyone be it a gnome or troll or orc to remove a large undead threat. Their duty to their goddess is their only concern.

Priests in the guild must actually be priests, and must be female. The mother does not have male priests. Men are quite welcome however in the temple guards. The priesthood is divided between postulants, priestesses and the Abbess. The temple guard is divided into initiates, temple guards and the Inquisitor. Death knights are not welcome because of what they are and the necromantic powers they use. I am up in the air on warlocks. As the order is neutral at heart and they summon demons, not undead.

We are an extremely deep rp guild. Guildchat is IC. Our "app" so to speak is story of your calling to the service of our goddess.

If you wish to know more please contact me in game, or leave a post here.
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((Bumping for a fantastic guild! Join up!))
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You can write here without the brackets Tom. I would like to say I am not a master recruiter. I do not think randomly spamming people about the guild is the way to get people into it. As we are new we do not have the pull or the recognition factor of Pia, or Doctas or AAMS or whoever. I suppose I could come up with some in game events to show what we are. I have done some rp missions with Pia so they know what it is about, but few others do. The guild does have a loose storyline I am following. The missions pertain to that.
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