Help with overhealing (pvp)?

81 Blood Elf Priest
I was wondering if I could get some tips with how to avoid over-healing, specifically in battlegrounds. I typically play disc priest. When disc, I am usually one of the top heals with one of the least over heals. I wanted to try out holy and noticed that while I am still one of the top heals I am also in the top 3 for over heals. Same thing with my resto shammy. Top heals, one of the top over heals as well. I am thinking perhaps it is because I am still in the anticipate damage mode I tend to heal more than is needed. I notice I do tend to start big/aoe heals early because I get worried that there will be big damage that I won't be able to heal up fast. Any tips on ways to overcome this? Or is this just kind of a practice makes perfect type of thing? Help is appreciated. I dislike that I am over healing so much.
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90 Night Elf Druid
You really shouldn't worry about this almost at all. In PVE, you can do the same encounter over and over and learn the patterns of damage in order to cast the most efficient heal. In battlegrounds, especially in random battlegrounds, the information available to you which can tip you off to what sort of damage to expect is few and far between, usually limited to three main things:

-How many enemy players are hitting my target?

-Do any of them have major damage cooldowns popped?

-Is my target undergeared?

Being able to assess these things all at once in a split second is pretty much impossible, (not entirely impossible, but usually by the time you take in all this information you're probably already handling the damage as it comes, and these assessments cease to matter since you're experiencing the result anyways....) and I often find that healing more aggressively than you might think you have to is usually the best option, if only because it demoralizes the enemy to see their target never drop below 60-70% health.

So yeah, overhealing in pvp doesnt make you bad, by any stretch, and you really shouldn't be trying to throttle your heals back much at all until you get in a situation where you are playing with other healers who you can trust and dps who you can trust to use defensive cooldowns. Until then just keep people up. :)

Honestly a much better thing to do as far as predicting damage goes would be to toss the enemy DK or Arms Warrior on your focus frame as soon as you can and just watch who these players are targeting. If you get really quick at it, you can actually watch their position and their target, and land heals/shields right when they connect, to make them feel as useless as possible. This will be even more important when you start doing rated battlegrounds, when everyone is always trying to hit the same target... A target usually being called out by melee dps players, and I promise you it is always the DK if there is one. So as soon as their team swaps targets, instead of having your reaction be keyed off the initial damage they cause, it will be keyed off the actual moment of the swap. This can make you like.... almost a second faster at catching swaps? Cool stuff to think about.
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