Hey guys. My 10-man raiding group is in search of two decently-geared, non-priest healers for Throne. We have a great group of adult players who enjoy the more fun side of raiding while, at the same time, taking boss encounters very seriously. I lead the group but it's a team effort in every sense of the word - we all discuss tactics and strategies and everyone has a voice. I ask that your gear be in the 480s, that you know your class well, and that you're mature and have a good sense of humor. Please contact me in-game if you think this might be something you'd be interested in. We are currently raiding with a less-than-ideal raid makeup (I'm healing, and I suck at it, so I need to get my rogue back in there) so this post is an attempt to maximize our potential. Thanks!

PS - if you're slightly undergeared for Throne, we'd be more than happy to run some prior raids to help in getting you geared up. A few of our current raiders could benefit from that, as well.