My girlfriend and I are looking for a casual (but serious about it) raiding guild to make some progress.

We both have tank and healing characters available (though we prefer healing) for raiding. We both attend work and school full time during the day, so all raiding would have to be at night. Closer to after 9 PM EST. We rarely miss a day online, but there will be times where homework may get in the way, though we'll know this a couple days in advance.

Some background:
We've been playing WoW for about 7 years now. We raided in BC, WotLK, took a raiding break in Cata, and started raiding again in MoP. In WotLK, I was a raid leader who took the 10 man guild through to the first 4 bosses of ICC before the guild broke up.

We've gone through all available raids in LFR, and are looking for something more. We enjoy challenges, but we need a group who is willing to put in time to their toons to know what they're doing.

If there is anything you'd like to ask us, please let us know!