[H] <Crowd Control> 25M - 12/12 N - 4 Day

90 Pandaren Rogue



25 man - Cho'gall - Horde - CST Server

Raid Times

We raid Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:15pm - 1:00am EST

Sunday is currently our ALT raid 9:15pm - 1:00am EST

General Information

Originally created as Crowd Control on Blackwing Lair in 2005, The guild renamed to <Fatum Imperium> and changed servers to The Forgotten Coast in 2008. We have achieved every realm first boss kill, and have completed all content during each content cycle, including all heroics. After that Most of the players transferred to Exodus. Now that Exodus has transferred off, we decided to stay and get back on track with <Crowd Control> 2.0


Heroic Lei Shi Kill

1st Felmyst kill

Heroic LK kill

How typical Recruitment is handled


World War PVP

Mission Statement

The focus of our guild first and foremost is fun; after all this is a voluntary activity that we choose to use our free time. We have relatively light raid hours, raiding 4 nights a week for 4 hours per night. This gives us enough time to normally place boss kills between US 75-125. Our goal is to clear all raid content before the next content patch goes live and that pace tends to hit it without forcing six hour raid blocks of pure wiping. We feel that we hit a nice balance with progression keeping it at a level where we clear content but don't over stress our players to the point of burnout.

What You Will Get From Us

We have a lengthy track record of placing consistently around US 100.

Spend time raiding, not waiting. We run a very small raid roster of 30-40 main raiders. We run two clears per week (heroic main, normal alt) on the majority of farm bosses guaranteeing that all main raiders will get to participate in the majority of the bosses. This does not include difficult bosses, such as heroics, as we will stack the group for an efficient kill.

We're not trying to become a US top 25 guild. Lets face it, progressing on bosses, especially extremely difficulty ones, is not always the most enjoyable thing to do. While we do aim to clear all content, we don't do it in a manner that requires raiding to the point of member burnout. This has resulted in our guild consistently having a low turnover rate, and this inadvertently has a positive effect on guild atmosphere.

What We Want From You

A potential applicant should agree with our guild mission statement and be sure that what we want from this game is the same as what you do. When we do open recruitment we are interested in long term commitments, and making sure that your 100% confident that our guild is the best fit for you is of top priority.

You should be able to make our raids at a minimum of 80% of the time.

Heroic Main Raid: We are looking for ilvl 500+
Normal Alt Raid: We are looking for ilvl 480+

While we don't technically have an age requirement, the median age in the guild is 25ish. Regardless of age you should be a mature adult that is drama free and prioritizes the guild over any individual needs.

While raid experience isn't everything, being able to play your class at a top level is a requirement. If you can't play your class at an advanced level, don't bother applying. If you take forever to catch on to strategy or have zero raid awareness and die to fires, don't bother applying.

How to Apply

If your interested in applying to the guild send an in-game message or mail to Loktari, Stepko, Meaculpa, Daerio or Crispies. We will hold a short interview. After that we will bring you along in a raid and see how you perform. That series of trial runs is your test.
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90 Tauren Druid
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