Steel Panther is looking to get some quality PvP players together each week and go for a high rating in RBGs. Alterac Mountains has died off recently, but there are still some quality players on this server. You do not have to join our guild to be a part of this, we just want to form a balanced RBG group to compete in higher rated battlegrounds. I'm not going to put a rating requirement on this, but we do wanna see that you can play well in an arena or random BG environment.

What we have: (All of these players have 1600+ experience)
Resto Shaman/Disc Priest (depending on which one we need most once the group is formed)
Feral or Mage
Ret Paladin

What we need:
2 Healers (Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk, or Holy Paladin)
1 Tank/DPS (Warrior would be great)
3 DPS (Would like to get a Lock/SPriest/DK)

Minimum requirements:
1. Be at least fully epic PvP geared (Season 12 Malevolent, Honor Season 13)
2. Have the program Raid Call for communication purposes
3. Have a working knowledge of your class

If you are interested in this, message me in game and we can talk and run some regular BGs. Hopefully we get a good response out of this and we can form a couple of teams so that other players on AM can find good teams.
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