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So we try to run 2 healers now, we used to run 3 as holy paladin/rdruid, disc priest and rshaman. Rshaman seems to be weak right now but there are so many exceptional restoration shaman right there even tho they are limited which give me another question 'why this one in my guild can't do that' but let's skip that and focus to disc priest since he will be my partner on most of the fight.

He doesn't really understand logs so it's useless to tell how to read logs to them. So it's my duty to research the priest and probably tell it to him when and how to use the right spell.

Currently stuck on tortos, one of the longest fight duration was :

Now I've compared that log with another priest and see what he can improve. I noticed he cast a lot of power word shield while others not in the same duration. Also maybe he cast less prayer of mending rather than the rest but idk whether it is important or not. He had 4 pc tier 14 and choose to break it without any consideration idk, he might be take my word wrong about 'get the right gear for the right spec' and he choose to have 2 sets for holy and disc which means he might used tier 14 for holy only /facepalm. Also did he cast too much smite?He also pick divine star and never use it, can't understand when people pick a talent and never use it.

The one and only thing that I don't understand is some logs give spirit shell amount with number of hits higher than 8 but I don't see any heal,greater heal, PoH or flash heal appear in the log. It might be PoH just overheal but maybe I just don't understand how it works.

So please correct me if i'm wrong, Use cascade before stun, inner focus/spirit shell before stun and when heavy damage on tank should he use penance on tank or keep target the enemy for attonement and just put shield and mending?
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Tortos is something that's getting a lot of priests doing different things.
- For me personally, I took twist of fate and tried to maximize atonements by hitting a low add and doing the best dps I could on the boss (who should also have a high uptime with more damage taken)
- Another comp did it as holy in sanctuary chakra spamming prayer of healing if the ceiling was falling/stuns or spamming greater heal on the vamp bat tank and using Divine Insight on every proc.
- Another strategy has a holy priest in serenity chakra rolling out renews before a stun and refreshing them all with a well-placed cascade, doing holy word: serenity>flash>flash>greater combos on tanks
- Another strategy has a disc priest doing spirit shell really far away from the first stun so each stun can be spirit shelled until about the 3rd or 4th one in (then resort to PW:S spam). PW:S spam during falling ceiling and do light tank healing to conserve mana on the in betweens.

Something that is consistent with most of these approaches is taking cascade. It's very effective to fling it out right as a stun is happening, and it can spot heal the ceiling better than halo and divine star (on normal mode).

We had no idea what we were doing on this fight the first week, but the trick for us was minimizing raid damage by spreading out and moving away from the falling ceiling and executing proper slows and focused dps on the spinning turtles (higher uptime on the boss with the debuff is the payoff for doing that correctly).
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k, I will get that idea about healing tank bats since most of the time bats tank get owned if we can't down them asap

need more input:)
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- Another strategy has a disc priest doing spirit shell really far away from the first stun so each stun can be spirit shelled until about the 3rd or 4th one in (then resort to PW:S spam). PW:S spam during falling ceiling and do light tank healing to conserve mana on the in betweens.

This is basically what I do and it's given good results so far. The only addition is I throw penance/pom/solace in on the BT buff between shields whenever possible. Stomps end up hitting like a wet noodle and rockfall damage tends to be a non-issue. Our Shaman covers whatever I cannot snipe :).

k, I will get that idea about healing tank bats since most of the time bats tank get owned if we can't down them asap

Ehh, bats shouldn't be a problem unless you end up with multiple waves up for an extended period of time. In the event they're up when a stomp is coming it's a good idea to have a personal on the bat tank, whether it's their own CD or an external like pain suppression. And it goes without saying to make sure they're topped.
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I love this fight! I've done it on my Disc and my Resto Sham. I find the fight very calming... it's zen-like for me. It just makes sense to me for some reason. 34 Wipes? Yeowtch.

So looking at your logs, it seems your earlier attempts were making sure the shell was kicked in time to interrupt the furious stone breath. Then in later attempts, it seems the add tank was falling too low on health and getting eaten by the bats. Add in a few people standing in Rockfall here and there... it seems like you have some mechanic problems that are making it tougher on the healers.

You may want to consider three healing it with the Resto Sham. I could do a whole write up at how it's just so zen to do. It's great! But that's neither here nor there, you wanted to talk about Disc.

Your Disc seems to want to do more of an Atonement style of healing. He's heavier into haste, using pieces without spirit (pvp cloak), ditching mastery, and using DPS items (i.e. the +hit DPS Ring). Reforging out of spirit and keeping the crit. So I'm not sure he understands the interactions of stuff, he's just going for the ilevel instead of gear that makes more sense to me.

He's probably worried about managing mana with lower spirit and just going for big Spell Power for the atonement heals. Otherwise, he'd use Penance more, but glyphed, it drains mana faster. And taking Divine Star is the cheap mana option, but not using it is a waste. And geez, Glyph of Power Word Shield? I don't know anyone that uses that glyph. But it's in the log!

I'm just confused by all the choices. But I bet for Horridon, if he just hits Horridon the whole time, he's probably blowing everyone away in healing. (Okay I checked - tell him to dps the adds on the first door, and then ignore the adds and just DPS Horridon... I guarantee you he'll love that.)

So for him, the best way of dealing with the damage is just keeping up shield for the rapture (which is less because of his lower spirit), DPS the turtles for atonement, mind bender on cool down, and then ignore the +5% damage (he'll whine) to use it to lower the cost on some spirit shelling before a stomp followed by a Cascade. Cast Cascade on someone away from you, so the stomp will hit, and then the Cascade will start bouncing. I just don't think he likes the direct style of Disc healing, but he has to learn to do that at the appropriate times. PoM when the bounces are done. It happens enough during rockfall since they do some AoE damage. Such a great spell!

People just spread a little too far and in the chaos they tend to go far out to the sides to dodge things. So Cascade is just awesome on this fight.
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That being said, let's talk a little bit more about your logs.

1.) No one should get crushed by a direct rockfall. When the circle appears, you have roughly 4 seconds to get out of it. Don't panic, finish your cast, move. I've made my friends balk as I don't immediately move and boop out of it and watch it fall just as I've made my way out of the circle.

2.) Bats aren't dangerous unless someone falls to 35%. This becomes a huge problem when they're up and there's a stomp. Everyone goes to 65%, and with Rockfalls, can easily slip down. The problem with Paladin / Disc is that they want to get on top of the healing... reactive healing isn't their forte, especially on a spread fight like this. That's why they stack absorbs so they stay ahead of the healing curve.

Everyone should move in a bit before the stomp so a Disc can spirit shell everyone so that this isn't a problem. And that way you can get in some illuminated healing in too.

3.) How fast are your spinning turtles going down? This is kinda critical, because if you have people bouncing up in the air all the time, it really messes things up. Especially if someone falls low and the bats suddenly rip off the tank. You don't have a lot of slows in your group, so Earth Bind Totem and Curse of Exhaustion will be your friend. Slower turtles make the fight a whole lot easier. They become easier to dodge, and less of an issue during the rockfalls.

4.) What's your positioning like? Generally we try to keep the bats and the melee up front with the tank. This way they can move as a group for the rockfall. It makes it easier to kick the shells through the bats so the bats get the 25% damage debuff. (It allows me to make Healing Rain worth it since they're in that front area.) And melee with Cleaves can get bats and Tortos.

The priority really is Slow Turtles, Kill Turtles, Bats, Tortos. Kick Shells appropriately for increased damage on Bats and interrupts on Tortos.

5.) Keep the add tank alive. If there's going to be a stomp and bats are up, stun the adds. On my Shaman I use Totemic Projection for this fight. I just drop Capacitor, Magma, Spirit Link, and then project them on top of the melee / add tank and drop healing rain on them. That way, the bats are stunned, they receive 10% less damage from the stomp, and then immediately get some healing. I guess you could Barrier them if they're up there as a Disc.

But that's the point - stun those adds so you can get a few seconds to get people healed up. Tank should call it out and use a cool down. Disc can PW: Shield the tank for extra absorbs. Then just continue the AoE on them as you dodge rockfall.


You guys can do it! I think you just need to tighten up the mechanics. But it's my personal opinion that I think your Disc is a little too in love with DPSing and Atonement. It's good, it's great, but it's not the only way. And on this fight, if you want someone at 30% to get health and you crit? Your heal is halved and then you get the rest as an absorb... bats will still turn to that person if they're not above the threshold. It makes Atonement a little weaker on this particular fight.
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You might try having him do it as Holy. Lots of consistent damage and spread out raiders means Holy Paladin and especially Resto Shaman will struggle a bit, but those are Holy's strengths. He won't be able to help with tank and triage healing as much, though.

Key to success on Tortos imo is keeping 1-2 DPS (leaning to 2) on the boss the whole fight (to maximize the benefit from the debuff) and bringing the bats into melee and kicking a turtle at them as well as the boss. That lets the dedicated DPS (usually melee) cleave the bats and clears up the room a bit for the other folks. I don't see any reason to 2 heal this fight (or really, any fight in normal mode). If you can get enough turtle shells while 3 healing, you should be fine.
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There's nothing wrong with what he's doing. And you're not dying to him not healing enough.

You're dying because your people can't seem to interrupt furious stone breath. You're dying because your tanks are getting out of range of the boss. You're dying because bats are eating people. You're dying because people are standing in rockfall. You're dying because your bear tank doesn't know what Savage Defense is or how to use it.

Here's a log of my last kill on the same boss:

Only thing I would tell him to do is cast more PW: Shield.
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So you got Tortos, grats! What did you change?
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