Divine Crusade (ToT 1/12 10man) is looking for 1 reliable, experienced tank to help us push a core team through ToT normal, and into Heroics.

Prefer a Plate Tank @ 495 + ilvl. (will work with lower gear for the right person.)

Everyone on this team has some past expansion Heroic mode experience, and our objective is to get into and progress as far as possible into ToT heroics.

Current Team Schedule is Saturdays 3-7pm. This leaves us no room for screwing around and having to pug spots due to unreliable team members.

Contact Sylvyr or Mavesta in game for consideration.

About Divine Crusade - we have over 125 unique account members with an active schedule of events throughout the week. We maintain 3 Active Raid Teams, and 1 Rated BG Team. Several: T-mog, Achiev', Mount, and Fun runs through old content every week/month. Guild Auctions to supplement our generous Guild Supplied Repairs, and many more spur of the moment Valor, Dailies, LFR and Rare Mob runs.
Edited by Sylvyr on 3/26/2013 7:12 PM PDT