Selling surplus Darkmoon Cards

20 Human Warrior
I finished my Insane in the Membrane achievement, now I have stacks of cards for incomplete sets. 276 cards, 76 stacks total, 394G vendor value. I'll take offers starting at 2000G for ALL of the cards, I will not sell these individually. The cards are in their own tab in my guild bank, you can join my guild with an alt to view the cards or to claim your purchase. Contact me (Rollex) here or via in game mail if you're interested.

Card Count
Ace of Rogues 11

Ace of Swords 1
Two of Swords 4
Four of Swords 9

Two of Mages 1
Four of Mages 2
Five of Mages 2

Ace of Demons 1
Two of Demons 2
Five of Demons 3

Two of Chaos 1
Four of Chaos 1
Six of Chaos 1
Eight of Chaos 2

Two of Undeath 4
Three of Undeath 2
Four of Undeath 2
Five of Undeath 2
Six of Undeath 2
Seven of Undeath 1
Eight of Undeath 1

Ace of Prisms 1
Two of Prisms 5
Three of Prisms 8
Four of Prisms 10
Five of Prisms 1
Six of Prisms 2
Eight of Prisms 1

Two of Warlords 2
Three of Warlords 2
Four of Warlords 2
Five of Warlords 10
Six of Warlords 7
Seven of Warlords 1
Eight of Warlords 4

Two of Beasts 4
Three of Beasts 6
Four of Beasts 8
Five of Beasts 9
Six of Beasts 7
Seven of Beasts 10
Eight of Beasts 10

Two of Portals 9
Three of Portals 2
Four of Portals 3
Six of Portals 8
Seven of Portals 4
Eight of Portals 1

Ace of Elementals 1
Three of Elementals 1
Four of Elementals 4
Six of Elementals 4
Seven of Elementals 6
Eight of Portals 1

Ace of Storms 2
Three of Storms 1
Four of Storms 1
Six of Storms 5
Seven of Storms 1

Ace of Lunacy 5
Three of Lunacy 3
Five of Lunacy 2
Six of Lunacy 2
Seven of Lunacy 5
Eight of Lunacy 4

Ace of Blessings 1
Three of Blessings 1
Five of Blessings 5
Six of Blessings 11
Seven of Blessings 7
Eight of Blessings 2

Ace of Furies 1
Six of Furies 1
Seven of Furies 3
Eight of Furies 4
Edited by Rollex on 3/26/2013 4:53 PM PDT
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90 Human Warrior
I'll take 'em off your hands for 2k. :)
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20 Human Warrior
If I don't get any more offers I'll take that one.
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