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hey guys , thinking of rolling a healer class to level up through dungeons with a buddy who will be tanking, eventually will probably be raiding...now my question is which healing class is the easiest to get into playing (im not too used to healing) im not looking for a "this class is best because" or "this class tops charts" all that stuff changes depending on gear, nerfs / buffs, and of course the player behind the class...what im mostly asking...which healing class generally has the easier learning curve, a healer class thats a bit easier to jump in and heal things , where if i accidentally goof something up...its not gunna get us just destroyed...if thats and answerable question then thanks in advance, if its gunna turn out to be "this class is easiest based on the player" then i guess ill just randomly roll something and go for it =X
thanks again
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I feel like the answer would probably be druid, especially for the lower levels. This being because:

At lower levels you can throw your hots on the whole group and keep everyone at max like, the whole time without a lot of effort.
If things get iffy, there is only one instant (swiftmend) that heals for a ton at lower levels and clearcasting should be up to use if there's any dips.
Druids have a lot of cooldowns, especially ones that can help to "reset" everyone's health if things get out of control (tranq, talent-oriented cds, etc)

Because druids heals OVER time, in my opinion, it requires less REACTION time...at least until end game.

I personally find paladins to be pretty user friendly in terms of how all the spells work with each other. Lot's of instant casts and strong, quick spells that all work together. So I'd suggest either of those.

Priests, shamans, and monks have a lot of spells that can be kind of overwhelming for someone who hasn't healed before unless you are quick learner.
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I suggest you read this thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4015354204

Just pick whichever class appeals to you, honestly. All the classes introduce spells slowly, so you will have plenty of time to learn to use your resources. The only one I haven't enjoyed leveling (purely personal preference) is the monk, just because they only get one healing spell before 30. I don't know if this is is still true.
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1 Undead Rogue
thanks guys
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