Chillin in the city, doing General Motleybrew things when out of nowhere someone was like HEY R U GIGI? LULZ I THOT U DED. So I did the only reasonable thing, punched him through the screen. After dealing with so many idiots on Daggerspine, I decided to hide on my other server, Alexstrasza, only to deal with more idiots who yelled at me in Spanish after I didn't heal them. I thought this was some trick and it was just people from Daggerspine speaking spanish to troll me. I was wrong. If you hate yourself and have nothing on Daggerspine, go to Alexstrasza or any other server on its battle list.

Also, stop bidding on my heroic bracers on the BMAH. I will never get to see that content, so let me just have those bracers so I can cry myself to sleep over spending 30k+ on bracers and how I will never amount to anything great irl besides being the General of awesome.