pvp power does nothing?

90 Human Paladin
I've regemmed my gear a few times now from int to full resil, and now full pvp power, yet it seems to do nothing. I'd average 43k with holy shock when I had near full resil gems (with socket bonus), and its literally healing for the same amount with all pvp power. Why is this?

Also tested in a BG, no difference. If you're a healer, I think its far more beneficial to gem int now, even over resil. When I was full resil, I could see a huge nerf in my healing amount, yet little to no increase in survivability.

Will this be changed soon? Or should I spend the money to re-gem int again.
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90 Human Priest
Pvp power does less for healers than anyone else. In the current live, I would never gem or enchant for it because if you do something else, you get the the full stat weight.

There is a new pvp blog post regarding pvp gear in 5.3 - ptr but big changes. Pvp power is supposed to be "more beneficial" to healers and hybrids; however, unless we get the full effect, it is still going to feel like a bad stat, a gimp stat.

On resilience, with damage being so high, the fractions of a second in "time to death" is not going to be something that you can notice.

[I think that I have been chain gibbed far too many times this expansion and have a very warped and cynical view of pvp - ie. I feel like target practice for the "real pvp players", the dps.]
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90 Human Paladin
I see. And I understand how you feel. I keep thinking of ways to survive better but nothing really makes a difference. Also, I just regemmed int again, and my heals are still doing the same amount, gg.

I also have a fully geared ret set, and its so much more fun, but I cant play ret in RBG's unless I run my own group. I think its a misconception that they are bad because I find my ret to be FAR more powerful, even regarding utility, than my fully geared hunter (played hunter for 7 years, HWL 2x glad) so i'm not a bad player either.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Also, I just regemmed int again, and my heals are still doing the same amount, gg.

You have 9 gems (not counting your meta, since that's not really flexible) that give you a total of 960 int. Int converts at 1:1 to spellpower, but is modified by Kings and Plate Specialization. That's 1058 sp.

The highest spellpower coefficient on any of your spells is for Divine Light, at 149%. You also have Holy Insight (25% bonus to all healing). By having all that extra intellect from gems, your Divine Light goes up by 1971.

It's possible you're expecting too much from your gems.

EDIT: Forgot Seal of Insight. 2069, not 1971.
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