WorldBosses: Oondasta Guide (Part 1)

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Hello All Farstriders Alliance Realmies!! :D <3 >^_^< <3

I am making a guide for the Oondasta World Boss fight in hopes of avoiding spamming our WorldBosses channel and for people to also be prepared. Those who do not know the fight will find all the information here, those who already do will not have to deal with my 4 macros every kill in the channel re: instructions ;)

Additionally, I will be posting days/times for the kills, for the different groups to know to already be in the channel and be prepared to avoid the 3-hour long inviting process. If you do end up having to invite however, I will post information about that also. Please do feel free to add to the forum and suggest some times that are well-suited for you, for now I will start with the ones listed below and will edit this post as necessary if more people wish to go.

NOTE: Oondasta may only be looted once per week per toon even with a coin (confirmed this with a GM ticket).

KILL DAYS & TIMES: (we will hit all MoP world bosses in this order: Oondasta > Nalak > Sha > Galleon so please stay in your raid group if you are interested in the other bosses)

Some of the confirmed kill realm times noticed so far, please spread the word (30-minute early advance inviting):
  • Tue @ 5pm
  • Wed @ 7pm
  • Oondasta World Boss Raid Kill INSTRUCTIONS:

    Hi all! Custom channel: /join WorldBosses for all those who never want to miss a Sha/Galleon/Oondasta/Nalak/Darkmoon Rabbit group even when not in Trade. Roam around freely, do your dailies & if u want, pls share w/ all your friends & guildies :D Ty >^_^<
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    1) Go to Isle of *Giants* (*not* Thunder) by flying north of Kun Lai. You will get dismounted, swim towards flight master on beach shore. Learn the flight path.

    2) Go East, the pull will be on the beach shore (or locks can summon). Read the Dungeon Journal or watch a YouTube if you can. We need 3 full 40-man raid groups for easiest kill, even with the nerf. Kill trash on beach *only* prior to pull to avoid spawns during the fight. Use food only for first pull and have flasks for the remainder of fight. Locks pls put out soulwells. Each raid should set a marker for their own food and soulwell so we don't mix up w/ the other raids' provisions.

    3) Do not stand anywhere near the straight path leading from the graveyard to the beach tree in front of it after tank pulls, stay to the west, or near Alliance flight master. The reason for this is Oon's Frill Blast ability that will insta-kill you if you are in front of him. Dps spread out with /range 5 to avoid killing each other with Spiritfire Beam. ONLY once boss is down on the *beach* (i.e. not the green grass *PLEASE* please wait to be told it's safe to attack first), all dps/melee stand behind boss to avoid Frill Blast, pop TW/Hero, use all CDs & a pot (can reuse pot later if you die). As soon as u die, rez (but *not* during Frill Blast or Piercing Roar as you will die again and add to your re-rez timer), rebuff, TW/Hero again if off CD. Keep tag on at all times. Always stand *BEHIND* boss.

    4) Do not cast during Piercing Roar (you will get silenced and be unable to cast for 10 seconds). Ensure all 3 raid groups are in the /join WorldBosses channel for optimal communication between all 3 raid groups at all times.

    5) Before Ready Check: Buffed all raid members, eaten food, flasked and if needed dealt with changing appropriate talents and glyphs. Also soulwells & mage tables too pls, pre-pot on pull.

    I apologize for being this verbose, I only wish to make things as clear as possible.
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    Two more things to add:


    Inviting is really easy once you get the hang of it. For this boss in particular, start by having one person form a group by asking in the WorldBosses channel, invite them, right-click on your portrait and select Convert to Raid. To give everyone assist to invite, check the box that says Make Everyone Assist. After that, start spamming trade but not too often, however if we have the kill times set up, people should already be around.

    What you want to do is ensure that *before* all your raid members have taken off to the Isle of Giants, some stick around to help you invite, namely 7. They should each be spamming LocalDefense in each Pandaria zone: Kun-Lai, Townlong, Dread, Valley, Kras, Jade and Isle of Thunder.

    To invite simply use this line changing it as appropriate, variables in [ ]: "LFM for Oondasta, [groups 1 & 2 full, group 3 at 17], pst."

    Try sharing warlocks among the groups and have each group's warlock along with two of your raid members go to Isle of Giants to be ready to bring up closet for summons. Everyone but the people doing the invites should make their way to the Isle of Giants.

    NALAK > SHA > GALLEON: (kills right after Oondasta)

    After the Oondasta kill, if you would like to the the bosses named above and in that order, (i.e. Nalak first because closest, then Sha, then Galleon), please stay in the group you were in or amalgamate all in one group. Mages please be kind and put out portals for those wanting to go to the Shrine :) *hugs*


    It was my hope when first creating this channel that it would bring ease and comfort to the faction and realm when trying to get groups formed for the bosses. However now as we need 120 people to ensure an easier kill, I see a hopeful potential that these 2 new world bosses may bring us together more, as a faction and as friends, as we need to work together for a common goal. It is my hope that we begin being nicer to each other and that we grow and maintain a more positive and uplifting atmosphere and attitude, not only within the raids, but also in Trade and among our entire faction.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blurb.

    ~Aurarine~ :3 :)
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    TL;DR guide, get 3 raid groups of 40, win.
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    90 Human Mage
    TL;DR guide, get 3 raid groups of 40, win.

    lol nice one bloody ;) hahaha
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    90 Draenei Shaman
    TL;DR guide, get 3 raid groups of 40, win.
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    100 Human Warrior
    Thanks for the helpful post Aurarine. :)
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    90 Gnome Warlock
    Read the entire thing . It was a very well written. awesome guide.
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    I was on the island at the agreed upon time, Friday at 12:00am but found myself to be the only person here. The large number of corpses on the ground lead me to believe it may have gone early. That said, I do not want to rule out the possibility that this time is not convenient or that many people don't know how time works and plan to show up 24 hours late. Either way, it is probably something that needs attention.
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    Quinten, thank you for your post. I will set the other times as 'to be determined' for now then and hope that people let me know either here or by whispering me in-game what other kill times have been set up besides the first and second one. Sorry that it did not work out for you and thank you again for your post :3 :)
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    Short version for tanks. Have at least 725k health raid buffed. Otherwise even will cd's frill blast will 1 shot you. A single tank -can- go the whole way between using their personals properly and getting the odd healer cd. Face it away from the raid as frill blast will 1 shot anything in front in a 180 degree cone. I went about 85% of the fight without getting gibbed by frill blast, and only died because i was careless about cds. If a second tank is needed, build threat from the side, but still not in the frontal 180 cone from frill blast. If the first tank hits the ground quickly turn him away from the raid.

    Short version for dps (assuming the tank does it right). be behind the boss, you have 180 degrees behind him to spread out. Careful about chain lightning, it hurts!

    Healers... Well, what can you say really... heal stuff lol. Oondasta doesn't melee for too too much, your big concern is frill blast hitting the tank for like 650k, so they'll end up with about 80-100 k after it and need to be topped up immediately after. If this is an organized raid, healers should organize damage reduction cd's for each frill blast to be cast on the tank. Chain lightning will suck, there's no two ways about that.

    Good luck all!

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    :3 tysm Emodramabomb for your helpful post, really appreciate it a lot :3 :)
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