How to "Get Started" Tanking?

90 Night Elf Monk
So, I'm getting closer to 90 on my Monk, and thinking about what I'd like to do with him in terms of endgame, tanking seems like it'd be a lot of fun.

Granted, being a new player, choosing the class with one of the higher skillcaps probably wasn't my best move for a first toon, but I think I'm willing to put in the work necessary to be a good tank, or DPS or healer if it comes to that, I just really like my monk.

All that aside, I was wondering how exactly to get in the groove of raid tanking once I do hit max level. I've read through various Brewmaster guides and I have a general idea what's going on, lots of active mitigation over a fairly simple rotation, though I think practice is more than necessary.

So, my question is: what should I do to prepare for LFR tanking?

I know dungeons are an option, though I felt that jumping into any group as an inexperienced Brewmaster is kind of a disservice to everyone, so wasn't sure if there were other ways/methods of preparing for tanking without necessarily putting a group in jeopardy. Or I may be completely missing the mark and there's a super-obvious way of doing this I'm not realizing. Regardless, all suggestions are welcome!

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100 Night Elf Druid
Well, you can get some practice doing your dailies in your tank spec, but that doesn't go that far. Fortunately, heroics aren't tuned that tight this expansion, and at this point, it's pretty likely that half your group will outgear them, making them even easier. Just reading the guide probably puts you ahead of some tanks, so unless you're failing at some kind of mechanics, you should be ok.

Oh, and when you do get into LFR, your group will probably do stone guards wrong. This is ok, the fight is just that undertuned, but don't get used to it if you intend to do higher difficulties. Also don't get used to deliberately failing at/ignoring mechanics if you intend to go further in LFR -- by the end of that same instance you need to pay attention to mechanics. (You don't have to be perfect at them, but you can't just facetank things in the middle of the raid anymore.)
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94 Pandaren Warrior
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90 Tauren Druid
Your best bet is to start tanking now.

Dual spec dps and tank. They share gear for the most part.

Do a dungeon as dps to learn the layout and the flow. If you don't know the instance, your dps will just run ahead of you, probably die, and blame you.

Then do it as a tank. Lower level dungeons are incredibly easy but it will give you experience in leading the group and setting the pace.
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90 Tauren Druid
As someone with 11 level 90s the main thing I can say is go hit the target dummy.

Seriously its not to see how much damage you do or to do anything special, just hit the crap out of it, get the feel for your abilities. When tanking (or dpsing heroic raids) you can't be thinking about your rotation it should be a natural process if your fumbling through 1-5 looking for when keg smash is going to come off CD or hitting abilities you don't have the chi for your not going to be paying attention to your current HP, your AM, or any raid mechanics going on around you.

Once you know the finger dance and can pay attention to all the little things tanks watch then you can focus on improving, keeping up your AM abilities, using CDs when there's lots of damage, saving yourself at 5% hp ect.
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