The Sindicate (SIN), is looking for more raiders for it's new 25 man team. We specifically need up to two more healers but can accommodate regular spots for a few top DPS as well, since several of our current raiders have hit and miss attendance and preference is given to those who can regularly attend.

We're the top Alliance raid team on Dunemaul, and the only 25 man raid team on Dunemaul. Yes, this server is fairly low pop, which is why I'm recruiting here rather than just spamming trade chat. But our guild is very active and should be able to provide all the community you need to enjoy your time in WoW.

Our progression is just starting out for T15. We've had 10 of our 25 break down and kill the first boss, but the attendance boss has affected our ability to get the coherence we need to be as progressive as we'd like. Do not fear though, joining our guild will guarantee you a raid spot, whether it's in the 25m or one of our two 10m we tend to run when we are short.

Our raid schedule is Wednesday / Monday @ 5:30 pm PST for 3 hours.

Please add Frizzlefry#1495 to your Real ID if interested.