Back after 2 years. What do I need to know?

I played Holy Pally from 2004, took a break for 2 years. Not just from Paladin, but from the game. I was in a raiding guild from 2004 up to a few months after cata came out. I'm coming up on 90 but haven't had time to read much on what to do after 90. I love being holy.

Around what ilvl should I go for before going into heroics and LFR? I would still raid with my guild, but don't have time to anymore, so its LFR for me.

I healed instances so far on my way from 85-89, what's up with mana pool? I'm assuming X amt of Int gives you an additional 50k mana? Is spirit now more prioritized than Int?

Anything else major that I probably didn't already figure out?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

I believe the LFR ilvl requirement for MSV is 460, 470 for HoF and ToES and ToT is 480. Get in em as soon as you can.
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90 Tauren Paladin
what's up with mana pool? I'm assuming X amt of Int gives you an additional 50k mana?

Mana is a fixed amount now, based on your level, class, and spec. Intellect has no effect on it. The only things that increase mana, besides leveling up, are the meta gem and gnome mana racial. (Spell costs are balanced assuming you have neither.)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Read the sticky in this forum for Holy. It's like 6 inches under the 'Create Thread' Button.
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