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90 Human Priest
Unfortunate news, but expected in light of how the server has been declining. But it's not so much that as we as a guild were declining as well. A lot of real life issues sprung up. I had a huge write up about it on our guild site, but that was promptly removed today when more drama sprung up than we could handle.

Needless to say, Maniacal as it stands now on this server is going to die with its GM, just as he wanted. We were moving to to Wyrmrest Accord, but there's nothing left in the guild to take with us. There's members that need wrangling, and if you see them, I'd like you to drop them a note and tell them to look over at Wyrmrest and check in with <Alkahest>

It's sorry to leave the server on such a poor note. I, as I'm sure many do, have a lot of fond memories of the server. But we got screwed over and we're going to go out with it, even if we have to leave the guild in a !@#$%^- sorry state that it is.

We're mostly disappointed, mostly furious, but we welcome any to join us over on Wyrmrest. And we want to thank everyone that's been a part of our guild or the progress or the journey that this guild has made since 2009.

Thanks, everyone. And thanks to Steamwheedle Cartel as a whole for being a great server for so many years and for all the good people that we met.
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100 Draenei Death Knight
good luck guys.
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98 Draenei Paladin
:( good luck!
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100 Human Warlock

I'm sorry to hear that... another guild who leaves/disbands. Luck on Wyrmrest
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90 Human Hunter
I see this post was a awhile ago but needed to say something, I spent most of my time on the swc server in this guild in one from or another and its nice to hear that its still going even if its on to another server had lots of of fun times with you guys and wish the best not sure if anyone would remember me probably mostly as the night elf hunter Arandae or my resto druid Renasae, I know some would remember my fiancee Nickytickba lol good luck on the new server and with the old guild name again :)
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100 Night Elf Druid
Sorry it didnt work out. Is there anyone left on this server?
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Its alright everyone, RIP Maniacal. Love Appletree
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60 Pandaren Rogue
My brother, Coagulation, use to tank for you guys. I'll make sure to tell him what happened, but best of luck.
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