What irritates you the most as a healer?

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I did that once bro; I feel your pain.
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04/16/2013 11:18 PMPosted by Kaels
"Healing done" doesn't include overhealing.

But it does include sniping, if you do it successfully, even though successfully sniping another healer's HoT or hardcast heal almost always does nothing to help the raid.

You spend mana to turn another healer's effective heal into your effective heal + their overheal. Great for topping meters, but it makes the raid weaker instead of stronger.

...which is why my #1 answer would have to be meters. Meters are a terrible way to measure healer performance in almost all situations and paying more attention to meters will probably make you a worse healer. *Logs* are not necessarily useless -- if you look specifically at the 5 seconds before someone died to see who was doing what that could have saved them, that might actually show you something useful -- but the total amount on the meter means very little and almost all methods of increasing it do little or nothing to actually help the raid win the encounter.
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If there's one good thing about LFR, it's that the generally-low quality of healing and tanking and the complete disregard of mechanics seems to have taught a lot of people to get pretty damn good at taking advantage of things that help them survive (Barrier, SLT, Healing Rain, lock cookies that get requested before every pull...)

Oo Yea, Did LFR last night, as was surprised to see people running into my Healing rain, instead of out of it...Im just used to running tuesday LFRs

bro its becuase blizz made healing rain look like bad stuff on the ground. omg I am being frost trapped RUN!!!!
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so not the small ones, gotcha

LOL Yep.

~"<insert name here> NEEDS A HEAL!!! I NEED A HEAL!! OMG HEAL ME!!!"

Nooo really??? As if I've been spending all this time doing crosswords or reading a book instead of looking at your health bar. FYI sir or ma'am, all I do is look at health bars, well and make sure I'm not standing in bad stuff, dispelling, paying attention to mechanics and knowing if some big damage is about to come out so I can prepare to keep you all alive, etc. If you are taking damage I guarantee I probably notice it before you do, it just might be I'm healing someone more important this second like, the tank or another healer. I will get to you when I get to you, so !@#$ and wait.

This especially irks me if the particular person is one of those who thinks fire gives you a haste buff and constantly stands in it. You know when I just Life Gripped you out of that fire, only to have you go stand in it again?!?!? yeah... guess what? I'm letting you die now.

~"Yo rez me!"

You know, I WAS going to res you, but I suddenly think I don't feel like it anymore. Or maybe I forgot to train the resurrect type ability... yeah.. that's it... ummm I forgot to train that so I suddenly cannot res you anymore. I can see you are dead, and had you kept your mouth shut I would have "rez'd" you. This ESPECIALLY irks me if we're still in combat... I am not a druid, or a BM hunter with a Quillen, or a dk, or a warlock... I cannot res you in combat. You may now run your happy %^- back into the raid/instance you impatient jerk.

~Dps who don't think they should EVER have to dispel anything... ever... under any circumstances... because "that's a healer's job".

Stop being so darn lazy. Ever think that maybe I can't decurse you because well, I'm a priest and I can't get rid of curses??? "But you have mass dispel!!" *facepalm*.

~Tanks pulling when I have no mana/dps yelling at the tank to pull faster without making sure I can handle it on that char I'm on/tanks running ahead and LOSing me and yelling because they died.

This isn't really an issue for my priest, but sometimes my baby healers struggle a little and will go oom while trying to gear up in heroics or whatever. I also hate when people LoS me and yell at me because they're dead. (this seems to usually happen more with monk tanks, I guess they forget I'm not capable of moving as fast as they do with all their rolls and stuff.)

~People who yell out for heals when I can't heal them, because I'm dead. Why am I dead? Because no one peeled this stray mob off of me while it was beating on my face, and said mob just HAPPENS to be immune to fears, tendrils, whatever else I have to possibly get it off me. I am not a tank.


You want to know why you're not getting heals?? I'm dead you idiot, and I'm probably the only healer our side in this bg (have had this happen a lot). I've spent more time in the graveyard this battleground because people like you, are not peeling off of me and letting me die. In fact, I think I've died 12 times in the first 3 minutes of this BG. Here's a newsflash, I cannot heal you while I'm dead. I know, shocking isn't it? Oh yeah, that kind of attitude doesn't help you either. I think I will make sure to purposefully NOT heal you the rest of this BG mister bad attitude.

On the other hand of course, if I encounter a dps in a random bg that DOES peel for me?? Guess what? I follow them around like a lost puppy pretty much that entire bg. They keep the big bad ouchy dps off me, I keep them alive, and together we own.

Mind you I know that's a rant, and those things are things that will get under my skin, but overall I just have adopted the "eh, oh well" attitude toward a lot of it. These are typically the things that will get under my skin if it's habitual or I'm already having a horrible day... but typically I just respond with a smart arsed comment and laugh.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
My greatest peeve as a healer are TUNA, or "Tank: Unexperienced w/ Nasty Attitude" (or more casually, "a$$tanks"); and just like real tuna, they basically amount to worthless meat in a can.

i might steal this term
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I read all 11 pages, and I did start a topic based off of meters and does it truly define good healing. I'm not all for meters but progression, and if the group did their best to progress. Things that irritate me is when DPS tell Tanks to "pull more" as if I don't exist. You know most groups need healers. We're highly valued, IDC what anybody says, but it's completely inconsiderate when you don't ask me first what my comfortability level is. I understand you don't want to be in the dungeon any longer then you have to be, believe me, I don't either, but if we do it at the right pace, we'll be outta here before you know it.

I don't like it when people don't understand the mechanics and make me heal like mad because I have to make up for your mistake. I'm not talking about using healing pots, I thought nobody uses those anymore, I'm talking about if you got a debuff on you run away from the rest of the group! It used to irritate me when people would heal themselves because I took it as me not doing a good job, but now I love it. In case I'm in the middle of healing somebody else, by all means heal yourself, do what you can. It's just, it still irritates me when I'm in the middle of making a cast on you, and you hit full health then my cast goes off, it's irritating because I could have healed somebody else, you know?

As far as people calling out for heals, I don't mind it. In all honesty, I know we're busy healing a lot of people, but I've called out for heals on tanks because honestly some healers think some Tanks can heal themselves, but you know we're a team, so it doesn't bother me. I can sacrifice a DPS to heal a Tank back up. I don't like wannabe Tanks, aka non Tanks pulling for the Tank, sadly when I don't heal them, and they die they start accusing me of botting -_- no, I just don't want you to inconsiderately pull for the group to YOUR standards. We're a team, let's act like a team by working together instead of telling everybody to play by your rules.

It's just irritating.
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so not the small ones, gotcha

This and tanks who move when tanking to avoid things but move like 20 ft so that they're outof your range and you have to move to get back within it.

Also Tanks who pull trash without even looking to see if you're nearby to heal. NA ITS COOL BRO I LL JUST LEAVE THIS GUY DEAD ON THE FLOOR AND NOT REZ EM WHILE YOU KEEP PULLIN TRASH
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100 Pandaren Monk
1. Injured raiders keep on standing on fires after bring told many times.
2. Injured raiders stand on wrong place, I can't move closer to heal them.
3. Tanks don swap at correct stacks of debuff, don use defensive CD during spike damage.
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