<Slippery When Wet> lvl 21 guild is recruiting members from all classes and lvls to make part of our community. We are a social/casual guild and looking for experienced or new players who wants to have fun, as well as players that are willing to learn to raid, and maximize their toons to the best of their potential. PvPers are welcome too! If u think u can handle the moist come and join us today!

Currently recruiting for our 10 man core:

1 tank (warrior/Paladin)
1 healer (Shaman/Priest/Paladin/Monk)
4 dpsers (Warlock/Mage/Hunter/Rogue and Druid/Monk/Shaman with Resto OS)

Raid times: Fri/Sat/Sun from 9 to 10 pm server time.

Contacts - Deathewolf, Parusca, Raischa, Saev, Parm.