name the oldest still active guild!

3 Dwarf Hunter
RiF...kinda active :oP
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90 Worgen Druid
We've been kicking since '07 and the beginning of the server. I joined up on my hunter in August, but I believe the guild started when the expansion hit - bunch of like-minded people from a forum group decided to start a guild :)
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
The Fallen is def one of the oldest guilds on tero, since it was started by Ariko and that guy who screwed him out of co-leadership with a bug, lol.

Which was the same year i started, which was the first year Bc was out.

Hidalgo reporting in. <3
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90 Human Warlock
Nope the oldest guild still active is Unity.

Unity started April 2007. I only recognize one current Unity member that was active back then, which is Dubltrubl. Brenda, you started the thread and are a part of Cinnabar. Cinnabar actually evolved from Unity. Unity started by Novaheal and Dangitdawn, then Harmony lead by StarFlower (Bluebella and Flaviousdraco), then Cinnabar.

At the time, Unity was the server largest guild by member size.

A lot of Terrokar players spent time with them. Here was a snapshot of exUnity toons and the guilds they went too, like Grace, PNP, etc..
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90 Dwarf Hunter
thank you for your history...unfortunately many in cinn are gone I am holding the guld togher by string!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Mercenary inc we are still here been here since BC we may be super small now days but still here.
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Is Imperium still around?

The guild is still around, but the last remnants of the original Imperium finally left the server in March and started from scratch.
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21 Draenei Priest

Turalyon - Horde Guild

First seen April 10th, 2006

Over 790 members

Still growing and very active
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90 Human Warrior
<Forgiven> formed 10/31/2007, and still active. 197 accounts, 445 players.
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100 Blood Elf Monk
I'd say Unity is, although its not as active as it used to be.
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90 Undead Hunter
devious gadflies. i started this guild early bc and we're still killing your friends.
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100 Human Warrior
me, kreen, silvanna, soloro, massivelight, olaf, drazzal and a few others from cinnabar are over on sargeras now in wet tabard contest. and cinnabar was evolved from unity. flave, bella and a few others formed harmony(bunch of us from unity joined) then became cinnabar and i guess you might be able to say cinnabar has a foot in wet tabard contest also.
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80 Human Paladin
*raises cane*

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100 Gnome Mage
I formed Hurricane on Jan 16, 2007, a few hours after the server went live, after transferring over from Thorium Brotherhood. We were the second guild on the server (by a few minutes) but I can't recall the other one, except I remember the other one became huge and we stayed relatively small.

Hurricane was never anything but a friends and family type of arrangement. No cutting edge content, no real recruiting, but it still exists today with one... yes, one... member. Desdanova, who keeps the dream alive!
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