A question for all who instance grinded to 90

90 Human Paladin
I actually see a lot of people on trade LFM for "Monkey Runs" or for 87-90 normal dungeons. Personally, I did a mix of questing and dungeons. Generally, questing was somewhat more efficient, but I strongly prefer group play, especially with people I know already, and the phasing often made it difficult to actively seek out people to play with who were on the same quest.

I wound up randomly grouping with a lot of people, some who I already knew, some who were strangers, and "pseudo-grouping" with a bunch of hordies (mostly hunters, though a couple of casters and melee). All of the hunters, regardless of faction, turned growl off, used MD appropriately, (either to me directly, or to their pet who was on one of my targets), and were generally a pleasure to play with.

Hunters in dungeons sometimes needed a quick reminder about it, and I did run into a couple who didn't know how to disable it. <.< Growl isn't a huge deal, but I have had some mobs with a nasty cone attack whip around and breathe on clothies due to a hunter pet getting a little out of hand, so I usually ask them to stop. I'm not particularly worried about the pet having threat for a couple seconds until I can smack their target, they occasionally get smooshed, but when they mess up positioning like that it's annoying. My "pet" peeve is spiders, actually. The webs are really annoying when I'm trying to round up a lot of adds, and they *don't* take aggro, so I have to go back and deal with casters who I'd carefully controlled on pull. :(
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90 Orc Death Knight
Better question is, number of times I cared: zero

you are pretty much invincible as a low level tank, with few exceptions. In the exceptions it's actually a good thing the hunter pet taunts since you have less of a chance to die horribly

I really don't get why tanks cry about hunters or warlocks, the dungeon can go fine without a tank at low levels. At high levels it just gives you a reason (and the ability) to pull faster.

And the herp-a-derp goes to that guy.

It doesn't help in any way to make the dungeon go faster. It's just a plain annoyance period.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm not 90 yet, but only 1 hunter that had it on has turned it off (not to say every hunter came with growl on). And that was way back in Vanilla dungeons.

Those Warlocks like to pull with their pets a lot too.
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55 Tauren Death Knight
In this case (instances pre 90), I don't really care since mobs and bosses positioning and facing are trivial.
Mostly the pet died or warlock died, then we move on.
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
It doesn't help in any way to make the dungeon go faster. It's just a plain annoyance period.

If they pet dies, owell

If the pet doesn't, then it was well enough to tank.
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90 Orc Death Knight
My favorite ones are the ones who try to justify it by saying, well its less damage on you..Or if you had better threat it wouldn't matter.
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98 Troll Shaman
Zaka here leveled with dungeon assistance and questing together since late BC (god the days of actually finding a group!).
I leveled my Warrior from 15-80, and then 80-85, and then 85-88 or so as a shield slammer in dungeons.
I leveled my Druid from 15-80, and then 80-85, as either a bear or tree in dungeons.
Paladin from 15-85 as tank, then 85-90 as holy.
I leveled my Priest as Disco in dungeons 15-88.
Am currently on Monk, 15-84 current as brew-weaver.

I much prefer dungeons to questing, at least until up in Cata-MoP content.

Over the years, the number of Hunters who start dungeons without Growl on are about 3%. ~31% will turn it off quickly after the start, and another 31% if asked. The remaining 35% either do not respond/do not seem to speak English (Which is fine! Just annoying.), or outright refuse.

Warlocks, I do not think more than 10% even realize Threatening Presence exists, much less how to turn it off.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Not enough.
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There's only one boss where I care about hunter taunts, and that is Armsmaster Harlan.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
03/28/2013 09:14 AMPosted by Peiwu
Most of the time at 90 it only happens when they use their cooldown to pull all their pets from the stables. I'm not sure how they would have control over pets during the cd anyway.

stampede is by far the worst offender. i know they mean well by using cooldowns to do more damage, and therefore be a bigger contribution to the group. however, i'm fairly sure that the dps they gain is smaller than the dps lost by a tank dropping vengeance.

All a hunter has to do is turn growl's autocast off before they dismiss their pet. Pets called by stampede will autocast any ability that they're able to, including growl. Weird glitches with growl aside (that may or may not still be an issue, I can't remember), hunters have no excuse for their pets taunting during stampede.

More on topic...I run in to enough for it to be an issue. In lower level dungeons, I usually don't care, but when vengeance matters...yeah. If it's just on the first pull or two, I can understand, because they were probably questing and needed it on before the queue popped, but seriously...how do you not notice your pet dying? And keep reviving it without fixing the reason for its death?

As a hunter main, bad hunters irk me a lot.
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98 Tauren Warrior
I actually had a DK in a group yesterday who had glyphed his Army to not taunt.

It made no real difference.

The only thing I get pissed about is when fighting bosses with frontal attacks: stupid pets and ghouls always manage to get someone killed...
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