EM build for resto worth the loss of stats?

90 Draenei Shaman
Is the 4th cool down worth the loss of secondary stats? Was thinking for 2 healing it would be so I could do HTT + Ascendance for one and then EM + SLT for the 2nd.
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90 Draenei Shaman
It depends on how you line your cooldowns up. In general, you want to use EM with HTT or Ascendance, because it adds at least one tick to HTT or adds ticks to Healing Rain, Riptide, etc with Ascendance up, increasing the value of Ascendance. I would never use both HTT and Ascendance at the same time, because they are your two strongest throughput CDs, and would end up overhealing, as well as working against each other (if they burst health up too fast, you get less mastery based increase).

You also can try to use EM with every HTT and Ascendance because it's a 90 second CD and they are both 3 minutes. The problem with that is, you won't always want HTT and Ascendance perfectly spaced out, so you may end up only being able to use it with one.

As far as a loss of stats, you would want to go to 3040 haste if you dropped Ancestral Swiftness so that you keep the extra tick of both HR and ELW. That means you are probably dropping 1000 - 1500 Mastery or Crit from typical gearing, as well as losing the instant cast heal. I think it's probably worth it in fights where AoE burst is key (like H Tortos, H Megaera, H Ji Kun, etc).

The other option is to play around with the Ancestral Swiftness + 3764 haste build and see if you are reliably getting a 10th tick of HST and an 8th tick of HTT with it (you need to get the raid haste buff, so either test it in Ele spec or with an Ele/Spriest/Boomkin grouped with you). I personally am consistently getting the extra ticks, but others are still reporting inconsistencies. If it works consistently for you, it's another viable option.

These are your 3 options really.

1. Minimal Haste + Ancestral Swiftness
Reforge out of as much haste as possible
9 tick HST
7 tick HTT

2. 3041 haste + Elemental Mastery
9 tick HST
9 tick HTT (when used with EM up)

3. 3764 haste + Ancestral Swiftness
10 tick HST
8 tick HTT
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90 Troll Shaman
In my opinion the 12.5% constant + EM build is worth it.
If you are going mix/match CD's you should do it as follows though:

*In fights where HTT and Asc is 90 seconds apart

Asc and SLT are magic together, SLT means Asc is 0 overhealing and Asc is truly double non-totem healing. It also takes people's personal survival CD's and applies them to the raid.

EM-HTT is actually a stronger CD in terms of output, but less mitigation. It will also smart heal people with lower personal survival CD's.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks for the input.
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