What am I missing?

I have started doing BG's and found myself in a 40 man yesterday. I was healing my little heart out and the people around me did not seem to be getting my heals. I use the raid frames and they all were in range, (Based on the color), but any of my group heals were not taking. I had a sense they were not in my group.

Clearly I am missing something here. Were they in a different group? If so, how do I find out whose group I am in? If not, then what was I doing wrong?

A little help if you please. Thanks.
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Your healing is nerfed by 30% while pvping because terrible players can't use cc/interrupts so the game had to be dumbed down for them.
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If you are talking specifially about priest group heals (Prayer of Healing? I forget the name.), a 40 main BG has 8 groups, so the chances that someone in your group is in range is fairly small. Depending on what interface you are using, you can usually arrange frames by group, instead of by role, to see not only who is in range, but who is in which group.
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Your saying that I was healing them, but my heals were so low they did not register on my player lists?

I thought there might be more to it than that.

I even cast flash heal on people near death (Using the frames and not the actual toon) and sometimes nothing happened. Other times it did. I was getting no messages.
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Ok Pip, that is helpful. Thanks
I use the Raid Frames provided by the game. I will research that and see if I can modify them in some way. I bet the heals I was throwing out for the group was missing because my group was not nearby. Explains alot.

If I cannot modify the game frames, then I will have to consider an Addon like Healbot or something.

Thanks Pip and Sadie for your fast response.
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The other thing to note about healing in BGs is that enemy players, at least the smart ones, are also dispelling, spellstealing, and the like, not just healing or DPSing. Shields and HoTs in particular are susceptible to being removed by the opposite team, so don't be alarmed or surprised if certain spells don't look like they hit. It probably isn't anything you did wrong, but what they did right.
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