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90 Draenei Shaman
Anyone want to start a Maiev-based CM team? I know all strats now and can teach them. Just looking for a few skilled players with good attendance practices and positive attitude who would like to work on their achievs.
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90 Human Warlock
I'm down.
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90 Human Priest
I cant speak for everyone in TheCore, however i there are those that got a taste of it, and want more. however we lost track in doing so, mainly b/c i put aside it for the 25man, but we would love to tag along, if you want more info (people, times so on) let me know
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90 Human Death Knight
I'll go. I'd like to get challenge mode set lol
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90 Draenei Shaman
I did post a couple of events. Attendance is difficult. Seems like we need to twist people's arms to get them to go (ty, Dagaroy, for twisting people's arms).

I'm thinking that I'll see how interests change with 5.3. We'll now be getting 516 gear rewards from the CM daily quest, so I personally will be wanting to run a CM every day. Rather than planning an event, I'll just be looking for people online (both on Maiev and cross-realm) when I want to do them. If anyone wants to do them, and maybe has a buddy to bring along, just contact me and we'll see if we can get one going there and then. I actually run CMs pretty frequently with cross-realm groups and have helped more than one person get their golds.

Maybe we can have planned gold events in the future as people emerge who are interested in putting forth the effort.

Here's a list of 516 gear that you can get from the daily reward:
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90 Dwarf Priest
Hey I'm interested Whitebunny. I'll talk to you about it ingame.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I would love to but Im new to the challenge modes. Plus its hard for me to get in group sometimes cause I work second shift lol but if Im on an you need a healer I'll go. :)
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