The Children of the Stars will hold their regular guild meeting at 4pm Server time, Sunday, at the gazebo behind Stormwind's Cathedral. All are welcome.
The following notice is posted in major cities, and could be the thing your character saw that prompted them to drop by!
Ktar Cloudwaver, Elder of Children of the Stars, and Mystie Rainwater, High Priestess of the same, request all members congregate for their weekly discussions at the Gazebo in Stormwind's Cathedral District. We will be discussing recent events in Pandaria, as well as our pushback against Horde incursions into Ashenvale, as well as future plans. Anyone with an interest in defending the Alliance against the Horde, with a focus on Kaldorei lands and Pandaria, are welcome to attend. Following the meeting the Children of the Stars have been invited by the Knight's Guild to tour the Stockades and assist with prisoner reduction, a task that should prove enlightening to us all as we better try to understand all of our allies in these uncertain times.
This meeting will take place after four bells in the eve, on the last day of the week.
Ktar Cloudwaver
Elder of the Children of the Stars