Just a question about tanks..

90 Human Monk
I am looking to make a warrior tank and i would like to know if there is a best race for one. I would like to know the pros and con about the race when it comes down to tanking ( if any ) thank you guys for taking your time to give me something to think about :)
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100 Draenei Warrior
Draenei. Because they're awesome.

But honestly though, race really doesn't matter that much at all. Pick the one you think looks most neat.

EDIT: Though if you want a list of useful racials...
Draenei: 1% less shadow damage taken (Barely noticeable), 1% extra hit (Pretty handy) and Gift of the Naaru, a 20% heal on a 3 minute CD which I've found handy from time to time.

Dwarf: 1% less frost damage taken (Also barely noticeable), 1% extra expertise with maces, which is handy if you're using a mace, and Stoneform, a 10% damage reduction (Plus poison and disease removal) on a 2 minute CD, which is also pretty neat.

Gnome: 1% less arcane damage taken (Still pretty unnoticeable), 1% extra expertise with 1 handed swords (And daggers, but you'll never use a dagger), plus a move that lets you escape from snares and roots which is situationally useful.

Human: 10% extra reputation, which is handy for gearing up, 1% extra expertise with maces and swords and a move that frees you from anything that makes you lose control of your character (ie, pvp trinket), which is also pretty handy in certain situations.

Night Elf: 1% less nature damage taken (Yaaaaaaaay), 2% extra dodge, and a move that lets you drop combat which is good for saving gold after wipes or killing people you don't like.

Pandaren: Double stats from well fed, which is pretty awesome really, and a move that incapacitates which is kinda handy.

Worgen: 1% less nature and shadow damage taken and a move that lets you run really quickly temporarily which is actually pretty handy.
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
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90 Human Warrior
I miss EMFH when tanking on non-humans, but it's not a big enough deal that I'd roll human specifically for that.

+1 for looks > racials.
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90 Human Monk
Great thank you!
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