Hello, Durus Veritas has 1/12 HM TOT 10 man raiding team. We are now doing 25 man and we are missing some qualified DPS raiders. This guild was formed almost 2 years ago and has been doing heroic contents since FL times. We have variety of raiders who are hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing and there's strong community in this guild. Our goal is to get first kill on the server and get in top 100 US progression, we have been working toward to it and improving ever since we formed.

We are open for any DPS to join 25 man as long as it is qualified and have adequate experience to raid with us. more importantly- no vent required.

Current Progression:

1/13H Throne of Thunder

Previous progression:

11/16H Tier 14
8/8H - Dragon Soul
4/7H Firelands

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday 7 PM- 10PM Server time (Pacific time)
Thursday 7 PM- 10 PM Server time (Pacific time)
Sunday 7 PM- 10 PM Server time (Pacific time)


Monday 7 PM - 10 PM Server time (Pacific time)

Class we are looking for-
Feral Druid
WW Monk
Enh Shaman

We are open to any other class/specs as well, if you think you have what it takes to join this team then apply! We basically have few more spots available so take it before its filled! Apply to this website- http://deafgamers.net/durusveritas and fill out application for guild.

If you have few questions that would like to ask through game then add Athanatos#1300. Make sure to add comment when you are adding me on real id and saying have questions about 25 man. Or pst Umjaz/Zajmu.
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