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90 Human Warrior
I think I'm not the only one to find that stupid Cross Realm feature to be stupid and annoying. Everytime I log in there are dozens of other players from other realms that are swarming everywhere. Starting areas are full so it takes way too long to get anything done without other players coming in a taking kills, picking up quest objects, etc. I don't really see a point it in...some might argue "But it makes questing easier when you have buddies to play with :D" but I find that bull!@#$. No one does that stupid %^-* anyway! All the Cross Realm feature has brought me is glitchy !@# game play, annoying questing time, difficulty actually progressing due to quest items and kills being stolen or taken every 5 seconds. Blizzard please take this stupid feature away.
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90 Human Rogue
If you really want Blizzard to see this post, you should post it elsewhere on the forums. Blizzard doesn't look at realm forums posts that often.
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Cross realm is terrible and will be the reason I quit this time :)... but honestly its a terrible feature and adds nothing positive to my experience. I hate it that bad! Soon to be another former player/lover of WoW.
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89 Human Priest
Not sure if this helps, but there are a few CRZ realms out there. I have an 80 Mage I play on Ravenholdt and there are no cross realm zones at all. On a different note, it's an RP/PvP realm so not sure if that's for you. Nothing is forced, so I've seen.
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93 Undead Mage
nah you're not the only one i despise it.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Love it! Servers should be dynamic to support a dynamic flow of players in and out of the game. GJ bliz!
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90 Goblin Death Knight
Blackdeth casts Resurrection on dead thread.

It's super effective!
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I hate trying to role play places and having bloody Moonguard swarm in. There is a reason I didn't go to that realm.
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