il 500 Blood DK LF raiding guild

90 Tauren Death Knight
Have completed all raids and the 1st boss in ToT. Old guild broke up, and am looking at raiding again. im on line most of the time, send me a in game /w or e-mail if interested.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Just so other guilds know. This guy is a liar and a coward. He was a tank on our raid team, he realm changed and changed the name of all his toons and gave us no warning at all. We also carried him through all of the raids. Anyone who spends 100$ on realm changes and name changes to avoid telling his guild he leaving, has some issues.
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90 Troll Priest
Not sure where you come up with this stuff but we wish you the best of luck Mike.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
We didn't break up.
We are going strong.
I do wish you all the best.
Live long and prosper.
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
Only thing I don't understand is why you choose this server to realm
change too, it's a pretty dead pve server.

Wish I knew what problems you had with our guild, but regardless off everything that happened I wish you the best as well.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
He is a Rebel spy and a traitor take him away!
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Fortunately for us we don't just think about ourselves as accused. Because we work well together as a team, we overcome bumps in the road to raid progression. We may not be the fastest or the best, but we ARE a team of individuals working together. That is what you were a part of, and that is what still remains here in LotH. It is disappointing to me that you would take off without the decency of a warning. I hope you find the grass greener (in your mind) where ever the game takes you. Best wishes.
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90 Tauren Druid
I don't even have words. After all you're talk of "a guild being built around each other", how you were never one to put your own needs before the guild and how you "love the guild and the way our core grp is raiding and progressing", you certainly have an odd way of showing it. I wasn't going to post, but after all you had said to me, I figured why not.

Good luck chief, I do hope you find a guild that is more your "style", tho I think a quick chat and a /gquit might have saved you some money... and face.
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100 Tauren Death Knight
I would recruit you in a second..
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90 Worgen Warrior
Hold on, he spent money to transfer to a low pop realm...? You guys seem like a nice guild; I'm sure you'll do fine without him!
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