So I'm fairly new to Mistweaving, and I know a lot has changed since the beginning of MoP for mistweavers.

What are some of the more experienced Mistweavers rotations and such? How do you manage your mana, and where are you usually placed in charts?

I was in a ToT a couple days ago and could only pull 25k HPS which is awful since the Hpally was pulling 60k and the priest was pulling 50k, I left to avoid any further embarrassment.

It's tricky to understand really, should I fistweave, should I just cast? Anyways all and any informations/tips/help is appreciated :)
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90 Night Elf Monk
Theres not really a "rotation". Theres kind of a priority system. You want to burn ReM on cooldown, expel harm on CD, chi burst/chi wave on CD, and use uplift to bleed off chi if needed, or pool up chi for double/quad uplifts for large raid wide damage. Spot heal with soothing mist, emergency heal with soothing mist + surging mist combo into uplift.

Fistweaving for pure HPS numbers isnt really the way to go. If theres low damage and tight enrage timers, you can do it for bursts. You really want to just make sure you keep ReM spread as much as possible, and uplift yourself to victory.

Monk healing is all about playing the game 15-20 seconds into the future. You need to be very aware of what damage is coming, and prepare for it 15-20 seconds ahead of time. If you see a timer that says big raid damage coming in 5 seconds, and you havent been spreading ReM around, its already way too late. Keep an eye on DBM/Bigwigs bars that let you know when major raid damage is coming, and try to blanket the raid in ReM using TFT so that the whole raid is covered ~3-5 seconds before the damage goes out(obviously only possible in 10 man). Also, you want to pool up 4 chi in these situations(and have chi brew available if possible. 4x uplift on all 10 members of the raid is...awesome).

We have great mobility with ReM and Uplift, the biggest issue is our spot healing is clunky as all hell. The biggest thing I would work on is making sure you keep expel harm, ReM, and Chi Burst on cooldown. Once you can realiably do that, than you can work on filling in the gaps with soothing/surging/enveloping, which is where things get awkward and take some time to just feel it out.
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90 Human Monk
Pretty much what Yuen said but don't forget about using spheres too. The mechanic is somewhat clunky but they are extremely mana efficient.
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