LFM(groups/mergers) to move from 10 to 25's

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So basically my guild got a rather late start to MoP and we, like many others have had issues with turnover and people quitting. We've now established a stable 10 man team consisting of roughly 13 members with 2 "extras" who come in as needed & on farm nights. We would much rather be in 25 mans since we feel they provide a better challenge to reward ratio(in terms of gear and feeling of accomplishment). We're looking for like minded players who are geared for ToT to join us on our server Madoran and build a progression based 25 man raid team. If there is another current 10 man interested in "Merging" all terms will be discussed as long as we're in the same general starting area(i.e. raid times & mentality).

Our groups consists of...
2x Prot Warriors
1x Feral Druid
1x Frost DK(2H)
1x SP
1x Mage
1x Warlock
2x Hunters
1x Ele Shaman/Resto off
1x Disc Priest
1x MV Monk

So we're basically looking for..
1x tank with strong dps off spec
4-5x healers
2-3x melee dps
6-8x ranged dps

I'll leave our general guild spam below just to get some more info out about our group and what we ideally want out of the people we play with.

<Sad Panda>
Website: http://madoransadpanda.enjin.com/home

Contacts: Vole#1830(banditshcky11@comcast.net) - Lycan333#6905 – Caine#1625 - Flo#1246

About Us:
Sad Panda has been an established raiding guild on the Madoran server since 2007. We are currently a 10 man guild with a modest raid schedule.

Raid Times: (CST)
- Monday 7:00pm-10:00pm
- Tuesday 7:00pm-10:00pm
- Thursday 7:00pm-10:00pm

Loot System
We use a standard DKP system awarded per raid night, not per boss kill.

Our largest Current Recruiting needs are as follows:
- Healer - Holy pally /Holy Priest/Resto Shaman/ Resto Druid
- Ranged DPS – any exceptional ranged dps
- Melee DPS – Enhancement Shaman, Rogue, DPS Warrior, any other exceptional melee dps

If you are an exceptional player we’d love to hear from you though you may not meet our listed recruiting needs, qualified and exemplary players of any class or spec are always encouraged to apply.

Expectations as a Sad Panda raider:
- High Attendance 100% (We understand RL happens)
- Ventrilo with a working Microphone.
- A working knowledge of your class and spec.
- A working knowledge of both Farm and Progression bosses. Not understanding a mechanic is not an excuse to make a mistake.
- Follow instructions, Mistakes happen, we understand, but don't let them happen twice. If you are repeating your own mistakes you are not progressing.
-The desire to want to improve and the ability to take instructions(and sometime respectful criticism) and learn from them in order to become a better raider.
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If you guys do try to push for the 25 man raids and are short a dps I am always willing to fill in for a dps spot. I just don't want to commit to raiding 100% at the current time. That is why I am always looking for pugs going on or to fill in for a missing dps spot.

If you want to talk in game feel free to hit me up for my battletag or something.
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