Looking to Join a Raiding Guild(Alliance/DPS)

90 Night Elf Warrior
Hi. I'm a fury warrior with a 477 ilevel. I've never done normal raiding (only lfr) and the guild I'm in currently doesn't really do anything. I was wondering if there were any guilds out there that have any raiding spots available. Thanks :)
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94 Night Elf Rogue
Availability is a pretty big start to finding the right guild for you. After that it is all about finding personalities that mesh well.

When are you available when do you most often play? How long are you on each night?
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94 Night Elf Rogue
Also it will be greatly beneficial to you to properly gem and enchant your gear...also don't choose gear on item level, pick gear that best suits your class.
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90 Troll Mage
Just from what I see on WoW Progess Oh Shiny, Tonic, Intervention, Ex Cineribus Resurgam, and LordsofDarkness are looking for a Warrior on Alliance side Fenris. There are likely more guilds looking for members, but their posts are easily accessible from the Fenris forums so I'll let you go looking. It should also be noted that while a guild may not say they are actively recruiting their class they might accept you if present yourself as an exceptional player (basically can you completely out perform one of their current members of the same role and/or class).

As Marp stated availability is a very big factor for any raider and raiding guild. If you can't make the times a guild has designated for raiding then its unlikely they'll take you, or that will enjoy your time there (since you won't be raiding).

Another factor that is just as important is availability (though these two can conflict with each other) is what your goals and expectations are from joining a guild. Neither side will enjoy each other if your goals and expectations conflict.

There is more to choosing a guild than just this, but that would make a lengthy (and most likely pointless) post. Stick to those two factors as they'll help reduce the number of possibilities, and help you to determine how you should present yourself when you're putting in an app.
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