I was away from the game for a while for personal reason and making a comeback. I haven't taste Mist of Pandaria much, since i had to stop playing 3 weeks after it came out. I'm looking forward to get back at it and "getting !@#$s done''. I can play both spec's (DPS and Tank) perfectly, i know my class really well, Have been playing it for 8 years. I know exactly what i'm doing. Past experience can prove it :

Cataclysm : Heroic Dragon Soul 8/8 (Savior of Azeroth)
Wrath of the Lich King : Normal Lich King 25m (the Kingslayer)
Burning Crusade : Didn't get much done because, i was more into PVP.

Available 7 days a week almost 24/7

Hit me up in game for more info!