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90 Pandaren Mage
So i've got a raiding main (this one) With a good guild, But we raid weekends only, And i don't plan on leaving them, It's been months since i've done anything on my priest...

So, I am looking for a 10 or 25 man raid team (25s pref) on either alliance or horde (horde pref) for my priest, I can raid at 5PM ONWARDS +8GMT(No daylight savings, Please for the love of god read this as i won't be on before 5pm +8GMT (that's perth btw, and don't give me a Guild ad either)

I am a Disc priest with 480 item level, Havn't touched it in months but healing is like riding a bicycle, Patches may change the paint, Swap the wheels around or remove a peddle here and there, It's not something you forget how to do, I used to be the meter topping Solo boss healing kind of person.

I can raid on any day of the week, Again not before 5pm+ 8gmt and not after 11:30PM

I am transferring my priest back to Nagrand because of friends so anyone with interest post here.

(No non formed guilds, Or guilds with 0/12 bosses)
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90 Pandaren Priest
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I don't really want to be negative here but your main character (your mage) has killed 3 bosses ToT in your main guild, and you're asking for a guild to take in your under-geared alt but you won't accept a guild that hasn't downed any bosses?

Most pugs on Nagrand ask for an ilvl of 490 for ToT a least.

Perhaps do a few LFRs to get your ilvl up and then you may get some replies - or just look out for guilds who are recruiting healers instead of expecting them to come to you. There's always a few recruitment posts going around in trade, you may have better luck there as not a lot of guild visit these forums any more.
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90 Pandaren Priest
eh nevermind no-one reads this anyway
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