holy priest or a resto shaman

90 Pandaren Priest
was curious what one is doing better i dislike going omm on pulls as a priest and my shammy around this lvl has no prob at all with mana so just curious what one is doing better all around i enjoy them both besdies the priest going omm
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100 Blood Elf Priest
There isn't a simple answer, and the complicated one wouldn't help you any. Unless you're planning on hitting 90 tomorrow, it doesn't matter, because by the time you're 90 and geared up to the point where "which one is doing better" is actually a relevant question, things will have changed again.

They're both 100% perfectly fine all the way through level 90, 5m heroics, and LFR, and both completely capable of doing normal raids.

Also, your holy priest doesn't just go OOM all by himself. What are you casting in the situations where you're going OOM? Have you tried a different approach?

The thing with Holy is that it is incredibly good at converting mana into healing. Lots of mana into lots of healing. Very fast. This is actually a huge advantage when you need that much healing, but at your level, you don't. You need to learn how to throttle back.
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44 Troll Druid
Used holy for durumu. Fricking love holy single target burst healing.Serenity>flash>greater during the light phase on the tank is just so lovely.
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