Hello to all!

I am currently looking for a raid group, preferably 10man, with some slightly later hours that leans to the casual side of things but I am not opposed to trying to jump into something a little more serious. Most of the recruitment I've seen out and about town are for weekday raids beginning promptly at 5pm, but with my current employment I am not available until 6pm weekdays.

Scheduling aside I'd like to speak a little more about myself. I have been a player and raider since Vanilla through WoTLK with a long hiatus over Cata. I decided to dust off the paladin and try out MoP and it's pretty fun, but I definitely miss the raiding experience and the general atmosphere of hanging out with a few people having a good time over raids.

Currently my MoP experience is limited to LFR raids on the melee DPS side of things. I prefer a DPS role to tanking but have done both in a raiding scenario. Thanks to those of you who took the time to read my little speech and thank you for your consideration.