funniest/worst tanking exp.

90 Gnome Warrior
hey out of convo, what is the funniest or worse thing ya as a tank had to deal with? one time I remember a group i was tanking and the group was a guilded group from another server who were constantly cussing , griefing, pulling ahead..wouldnt heal etc. After my patience wore thin, one of the hunters was cussing and yelling "gogogogo" so I said "ok" then left group. :P
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90 Tauren Warrior
Not realizing my weapon was broke and wondering why i cant hold threat.
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39 Worgen Warlock
I've been tanking for what, 6 years now? 7? Whenever BC release night was.

Worst possible experience, through horrendous wipes, broken shields, etc. was a few weeks back. Trying to land Keg Smashes, noticing that some were missing.

Odd. I'm hit and expertise capped. Why is that--

All of my gear is red. Well. That might be why I have 200k HP.

We wiped.
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100 Draenei Warrior
My funniest was still as a healer, when my priest was levelling through BC content. Got a tank for Underbog, who was a 63ish DK, wearing a spirit leather helm who decided his first job would be tanking the fish in the pond. I mean, the guy was terrible as all hell, but man was it hilarious to see this terribly geared DK jump into the water and start pulling the fish.
Combat tables, diminishing returns and you!
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94 Pandaren Warrior
I have a bad track record with anywhere that you can die to falling damage, dating back to lich king (Not as much kologarn, oddly) when I ran off the edge trying to kill a valk.

Since then I've scrolled heroic strike too hard and died to magmaw a few times (+countless heroic leap fail elevator deaths.). I actually wandered off the side tanking undead onyxia once, but that was during DS or firelands.

I also walked off everywhere in DS at some point.

And I topped it off by running off the side of lei shen ranging decapitate.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Funniest time for me was when we were trying to get blade lord (normal) down and everyone died to those damn tornadoes but me. I was on the boss, all alone.

And stayed on him till he bezerked, for like 3 minutes. People in vent were going " are you staying alive".

My worst times is that my roll button is "1" and my jab button is "2". Well, that can sometimes (though rarely) cause me to turn a cleave into our melee groups. Whoops.

But I am loathe to change it because it has been my charge/feral charge/etc button for 8 years. Would be hard to retrain this 43 year old brain.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
My funniest tanking experience was when I was gearing up as a tank in Wrath of the Lich King.

I was tanking Heroic Draktharon Keep, and we'd just gotten down the first hall when this other DK looked at my gear (which wasn't amazing, but was good enough, I thought, for Heroics) and said, "Zincarla, do us all a favor and don't try to tank in pre-80 blues."

Then he switched to his tank spec and gear, so I switched to my DPS spec and gear. He pulled - everything in the next room - and we wiped. No-one in the group said anything. They just... left.
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90 Draenei Warrior
In Scarlet Monastary, everyone was a DPS, that can drop a heal or two. Except the warlock. But I used his crack rock candy, so it was k.

Literally even the bloody healer was in Boomkin.

Everyone except me was at 100k+ DPS. It was great. If I needed healing all of them casted Healing Surge/Flash Heal/Regrowth, other than that Shield Barrier and Enraged Regen kept me up.
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90 Human Paladin
Illidari council @ 50% MT calls out on vent "uhh my shield just broke" he tanked the rest of the fight with no shield.. as a warrior..

It wasn't me but I was in the raid on my shaman
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Nexus on My Pally a good while ago

I had all my abilities hotkeyed in groups by function. Main abilties for threat 1-5, taunt on A things to help the gorup d-g and so on.

Good group, someone ranged pulls a mob by accident, so not a big deal, as the mob is running towards us I knew it would run into consecration and I could hammer of wrath the group once the mob was in range, thinking 'Yeah I got this timing down.. man the practice has paid off, I won't even need to taunt.'

I try to use the ability to lessen the ranged player's threat (forgot what it's called), and I pop Divine intervention on him... Wipe. Took DI off the hotkey after that
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90 Tauren Warrior
In Dragon Soul on the boat, the ground adds were going down nice and quick and we had some time before the next add, so i made a split decision to help the DPS with the harpooned drake. So i hit charge. Long story short, cow overboard.
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100 Human Death Knight
On my Monk, I was tanking Wailing Caverns, and there's the jump bit. Everyone makes it safely, so then I go and..

Let's just say I had to do the jump again.
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100 Dwarf Warrior
Back in late Wrath when upper-level Burning Crusade dungeons were still formidable, I was leveling my warlock through Outland and witnessed about a dozen newly minted death knights waltz into Mana Tombs, pull a bunch of ethereals, die, and drop immediately after the wipe. Another death knight would zone in and do the same thing, then group would break up. It's not that I just didn't see the first boss on that character; I didn't see the room beyond the first hall.
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100 Worgen Druid
I was running End Time with a friend and her friend (who I was playing with for the first time) in vent. Echo of Jaina and I'm watching as my healer friend has to run across the map to step on the pyroblast that landed at this hunter's feet every time. I make a comment in vent "check out this freakin' huntard. She's got her thumb up her @$$ while the pyroblast is sitting right there!"

. . . not remembering that my friend's friend was the hunter and in vent with us.
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90 Undead Priest
Let me set the scene for you:

Wrath. New LFG/LFD Ques were up. I was on my Warrior, BF at the time was healing on Pally, mom dpsing... This is our fifth or so instance of the night.

Dwarf Hunter gets upset with me because I do not like him pulling things.
I tell him to stop trying to do my job, we are going plenty fast, and that there is no rush, its an instance and things will not regen on top of us.
He nerdrages a bit, calls me all sorts of names, to which I tell him most are not appropriate, because I am female.
He rages some more, and finally pulls half the big (old) ScarMon courtyard, runs to me and FD.
Ex was already healing me, because of last stupid hunter pull, so he got agro.
I pulled everything off, watched hunter 'die', and then leave.
Joke was on him, we killed everything (about 4 mobs worth) without breaking much a of a sweat and completed the instance without him.

And OP, I have done that a few times too. The dps/heals saying 'go' is about the best way to get me to leave. =)
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Back in Wrath while leveling this guy in the 30ish levels Scarlet Monastery dungeons, my mage friend and I managed to do SM Graveyard in 2 pulls, which took each run about 1 minute. It was amazing experience since we did all of this on level.

I was wearing Heirlooms, and that was when Strength determined the damage you blocked. If you had enough strength, you simply blocked an attack. All the damage was blocked. So being in heirlooms, I was obviously very high on strength for my level, so I would round up the first half of the dungeon (bosses included) back into a corner, throw up Shield Block, and my Frost Mage amigo would blizzard them all down. Heals rarely needed. I believe our fastest run was something like 42 seconds.

I wish I still remembered the youtube link :( We managed to do zany mega pull stuff like this throughout our whole leveling experience.
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100 Tauren Druid
mom dpsing

You win the thread right here.
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90 Tauren Druid
On this toon, I tanked Jammal'an in Sunken Temple and Baroness in Strat one week, and people decided to pull 4 or 5 groups in addition to the boss. I initially rounded up all the adds, then got MC'd. I went "RAAAAWWRRRR* and killed 2 DPS while all the adds ganged up on the healer both times.

On my pally, back in SM Library, I had a hunter pulling for me, before they changed the minimum distance requirement. I rounded up the mobs and kept shoving them in his face in melee range, chasing him with them while he was trying to get some distance to shoot them (they weren't touching him, just too close for him to hit them). Once the pull was over, I said, "both of us have positioning/distance requirements for a lot of abilities. You let me keep them in my range, and I'll keep them in yours. Deal?" No further problems the rest of the run. :D
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90 Gnome Warrior
now what also brings me up to a funny moment was when I was tanking wing leader ner`onok and when I went to charge the last boss in "the seige" (the one that is at the edge of that walkway with the big dropoff...well I charged the boss and charged right through him and fell to my death. One of the times where ya can only laugh and get a chuckle at it
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Illidari council @ 50% MT calls out on vent "uhh my shield just broke" he tanked the rest of the fight with no shield.. as a warrior..

It wasn't me but I was in the raid on my shaman

If you had said Heroic Maloriak instead of Council I'd have thought you were talking about me.

10 seconds before green phase on Maloriak I realize my shield is broken and just scream on vent "OH CRAP SOMEONE PUT DOWN A JEEVES MY SHIELD IS BROKE." With a clutch Life Grip and then a Heroic Leap, I managed to get repaired and back to position before he put the green potion into the keg. Talk about a clutch moment.

PS: Hi
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