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90 Blood Elf Priest

Bad wolf just needs to disband and try to do something else. PVE is not for you.

That does it. I've tried being polite to you. I've tried asking you to bugger off. I've tried ignoring you. I've tried just reporting you over and over again as you obsessively attacked our guild for 3 freaking years. No matter how many of your posts have been banned or erased by mods, you just keep coming back for more. With all due respect to the mods (who probably couldn't care less what I have to say considering they allow you on the forums at all) and to the serious discussion within this thread, I'm not shutting up this time.

What is your malady? Seriously, what is psychologically wrong with you? Are you really THAT bitter and angry that we interfered in your inter-server drama war with End Guys? That your own bad behavior got you banned from the forums when you trolled my threads or the recruitment threads of other guilds? After being kicked from so many of the guilds you have trialed with, is your life so profoundly empty that you have to come onto your old server forums and bash others just to feel better about yourself?

From you bashing the real life professions of my raiders in trade (By the way, Zanith works for the state department. Good job saying your career flipping burgers is far better than anything he could ever get) to you borderline hitting on me like a misogynist creeper outside of Dragon Soul, you have more than made your point.

You don't like Bad Wolf. What you don't realize is, we LIKE that you don't like us. You are a bully, QQ. You were kicked from your guilds and reviled in the community because you are a manipulative, childish bully who genuinely seems to thrive on the suffering of others. We pride ourselves on raiding with genuinely good and kind people who would give you the shirt off their back if you so much as complemented them on the color. I consider it a mark of pride that a vitriol-spewing misanthrope like yourself cannot get over whatever hatred burns in your heart for us.

We have never wronged you, QQ. We have never done anything to actively hurt you or interfere with your right to exist beyond calling you out on your bad behavior when it affected us. For you to spend several years harassing us for no legitimate reason whatsoever speaks of serious interpersonal, emotional and cognitive problems. Get some psychiatric help. You need it.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Bad Wolf and SEVEn merge maybe?
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
You decided to slink back and post here again?

Funny that you start your story with Prowlers. You forgot to mention how you only ended up in that trash heap after you got kicked from End Guys. I know before that you were kicked from at least one other guild. Most likely more than one judging by your behavior. After all, feigning innocence doesn't magically change who you are.

What did you do when you got kicked? You went on an alts, on other server message boards and attempted to start a flamewar on the Detheroc forums. How pathetic can you get? Ever since you were called out on your bad behavior you've been all over my guild. Rather than man up and act like an adult, you decided double-down with more trolling and childish insults. I would feel sorry for you and the miserable life you obviously have, but you are such a toxic bully I'm sure you deserve every bit of it.

If you think coasting through 25s with Chain Heal is "skill" or that you've somehow succeeded in life because of it... well, I guess that's why you're desperate enough to make up stories about all that cash you have and how it makes you feel so happy and fulfilled. I can tell just how great your life is; great enough that you feel the need to come here and talk down to your betters. I'm here on my server forums to defend my friends and my guild. Why are you here again?

All that money and such a great life (wink wink), but I'm sure you still feel the need to have the last word. Let's see if it is more outright lies or just a few choice omissions this time.

*grabs a bag of popcorn*
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