By Gnomee's Request

100 Pandaren Monk
Today Gnomee claimed in trade to be unkillable. I disputed this "fact" with evidence of his demise and he challenged me to post it on the Uther forums.

Ladies and gentlemen I present~
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90 Pandaren Warrior
I laughed so hard, this is just precious.
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90 Human Paladin
Gnomee makes alot of claims. i just assume he's compensating for something =P
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90 Orc Warlock
[Gnomee] whispers: i forgot my pvp gear i would of owned u

LOL <3 I miss Uther sometimes
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90 Pandaren Shaman
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91 Blood Elf Hunter
This topic^ made my day.
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100 Human Warrior
Ah Gnomee. It was fun having him in the guild a few years back. lol
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100 Worgen Rogue
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90 Pandaren Monk
Love the quote
"I foregot my PVP gear, I would have owned you"
Thank wise gnome

What is that Damage Recount from??
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90 Worgen Warlock
Gnomee, The reason that half of Uther is on my ignore list, rofl
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100 Worgen Rogue

Last part was supposed to be achiev for negative 10 on being ignored by gnomee. With also your screenshot original poster. But I guess my pic chain was too big.
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100 Troll Warlock
There should be an Uther achievement for logging an Alliance alt, having to /ignore a new Gnomee alt, logging a Horde alt, and having to /ignore another one that's copy-pasting the first.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue

Last part was supposed to be achiev for negative 10 on being ignored by gnomee. With also your screenshot original poster. But I guess my pic chain was too big.

This is hilarious. Many lol's were had at the expense of Gnomee.
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100 Human Warrior
This is hilarious. Many lol's were had at the expense of Gnomee.

Well it was his fault. lol
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100 Pandaren Monk
This inspired me...


An Ode to Gnomee

In the land of Azeroth, a player logged into the game,
He would roll a warrior gnome, and Gnomee was his name.

Though very short of stature, his words were great and loud,
And soon within the Uther realm, Gnomee rose above the crowd.

Gnomee undercut all auctions. Gnomee peddled pets in Trade.
Gnomee reported toons for cheating, as they carried him through raids.

Gnomee rapped in General, with an awkward clumsy grace.
Though many would ignore him, many laughed right in his face.

But Gnomee was determined, to prove he was no fool.
For just a teeny tiny fortune, he would challenge you to duel.

Many challengers would face him, and he soundly would be beat.
But he would tout he was the champ, despite crumpling in defeat.

One day across the ocean, a distant land arose.
An isle outside the flows of time, and swarming with many foes.

Gnomee stopped his trolling, and trading pets for gold.
To this land Gnomee flew, to see what wonders to behold.

Treasure chests to collect, and hulking rares to slay,
And a flaming demigod, ruling past the Blazing Way.

Celestials waited in the Court, to put heroes to the test.
But Gnomee first went into chat, and spammed he was the best.

Armed with an Ordos artifact, the Censer of Agony,
He challenged players on the isle, to Gnomee PvP.

Each time Gnomee was beaten, his losses was their gain,
As they collected bloody coins, each time the warrior gnome was slain.

For many weeks this would continue, until one fateful event,
Which would sent the whole of Azeroth, into a maddening descent.

It started as a simple duel, with Gnomee’s nemesis from chat.
Before him in Fierce Tiger Stance, stood the monk Chimpnzthat*.

Gnomee dropped his challenge banner, and just as quickly he was slew.
Upon the ground laid Gnomee, broken neatly into two.

But as Chimp turned away in glory, he could not believe his eyes.
For what rezzed before him, turned his triumph into surprise.

Instead of just one Gnomee, with wound healed at the waist,
Now there stood two Gnomees, blinking dimly in his place!

What was the cause of this dark magic? the Gnomees wondered with a shrug.
A voodoo curse? Server lag? Or just a spirit healer bug?

But instead of opening a ticket, the Gnomees made their stand,
They issued a second challenge, thinking they had the upper hand.

Chimp jumped into the duel with ease, yet focused on his task,
But once his simple chore was done, he stood there flabbergast.

For instead of seeing Gnomee, just running back for more,
Here comes Gnomee One and Two, bounding back with Three and Four!

Shocked by this revelation, the Gnomees jumped around in glee.
They all proclaimed, “Uther is blessed, to have many more of me!”

“We can undercut all auctions, while we peddle pets in Trade!
We can report you all for cheating, as you carry us through raids!”

“We can rap in General. Behold our rhyming poise and grace--”
But they were interrupted, by Fists of Fury to the face.

Chimp challenged every Gnomee, and every Gnomee died,
But instead of ressing all alone, they returned multiplied.

A call went out in General, and players lept into the fray,
But the gnomes just kept increasing, with each Gnomee they would slay.

The chests sat uncollected, the rares pathed to and fro,
And Ordos stood neglected, at the top of his plateau.

Celestials waited in their corners, with no adventurers to test.
No one would meet their challenge, til all Gnomees were put to rest.

In the land of Azeroth, months have come and gone.
The new expansion has arrived, as the sun rises with the dawn.

We log in with bated breath, a dark portal to the past,
New challenges await us, in a land perilous and vast.

In a delightful fervor, we rush out to Draenor,
But are greeted by many voices, we simply cannot ignore.

They undercut all auctions. Pets are all that’s seen in trade.
They report everyone for cheating, as they proliferate in raids.

They freestyle on every channel, with rhymes of such disgrace.
They’re even in our garrisons--there is no hiding place.

From the mountains to the sea, each city in every zone,
Plays host to the roving bands, of spawnling warrior Gnomee clones.

But this isn’t just on Uther; it echos on servers far.
From Proudmoore and Sargeras, to Moon Guard and Anvilmar.

Seems all the predictions were correct; forums no longer disagree.
Here comes the final downfall of WoW, brought by Cross-Realm technology.

*pronounced chim-pan-zee-that
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100 Worgen Rogue
awesome ode lol so true
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
I just remember when someone tracked Gnomee's website purchase to his mom, it was hilarious to troll her.
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100 Gnome Warrior
they forgot to put that it was 3 on me.... and i killed 1 of them....... but yes i did die..
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90 Night Elf Hunter
do you call killing one of them.. pulling 20 mobs on them and letting them DPS them down so you can take the last shot at it?

at least that's what you tried to do to me..BUT I lived.. and you died again
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100 Human Priest
01/12/2014 03:15 PMPosted by Mzessensual
pulling 20 mobs on them and letting them DPS them down so you can take the last shot at it?

hes been doing that to a lot of people on TI.
doing it once in awhile might be funny, but when you make it an all day every day thing it becomes harrassment. I urge everyone he does that to to report him for harrassment.

he'll either get the msg after a few reports or he'll get himself another 6 month ban from WOW.
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