Amaranth Knights - Major Change 4/1/13

Amaranth Knights has recently made a significant change to our guild which will likely have an impact on the progression rank of our server. Since we have been here, and raiding, for almost six years I felt it only respectful to let you know.

The following announcement was made to our members earlier today:

As you know the Council has been assessing the boss composition requirements for Throne of Thunder. As part of that we have been parsing the World of Logs data of our wipes each night and building a data set of your individual performance.

It has become clear to us that in order for Amaranth Knights to continue as a progressive 25 man guild we need to devolve in order to succeed.

Many 25 man guilds have turned into 10's and it has been argued that this is what Blizzard wanted us to do. That shall not happen to us - we have come too far over our 5 years for that to be the case.

As such we have decided to go back to basics and are implementing the following changes with immediate effect:

1. We will become a 40 man raiding guild
2. Membership in the guild will be limited to Druids
3. If you are not currently a Druid you will be expected to become one
4. If you have a Druid as your alt you shall make it your main

All raids from now will be AQ40 (whether it exists or not) and be conducted entirely by members of the guild who are exalted with the Cenarion Circle.

Instead of EPGP gear distribution will be controlled by a root council.

As a mark of commitment to our new circle, and concomitantly with this announcement, the Officers of the Guild will be spending the money to make changes to their player names - we shall now be known thusly:


Anyone contemplating a fire spec will be immediately removed.

The guild name will be changed to Amaranth Treants - of which I have no doubt you will be proud to belong - the website and vent will be modified forthwith.

The Academy shall henceforth be known as the Orchard.

Guild ranks shall be modified as follows:

Trunk alts
Copse alts

Past members of the guild will be known as logs, twigs or kindling depending on how much they pissed us off prior to their departure.

If you have any questions please talk to the character formerly known as Paltice who will be holding a town hall meeting in the Teldrassil Inn each evening with drinking games and shots prior to raid time.

May the light of Elune guide you.

.... Imm
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100 Troll Mage
April 1st was yesterday... Otherwise 8/10
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
lol this guild is so dead..
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100 Troll Mage
lol this guild is so dead..

Transferred, actually.
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