Doest Thou Even Hoist

81 Pandaren Warrior
Hey there everyone! I'm looking to form an all Warrior guild, as you may have heard already in General Chat, there will be no current content raiding. No I have a goal in mind, that if it were to be successful, might just change the general audience of this server, create better players in skill and attitude, and overall form a unity in a guild. Imagine a guild where your brother and sisters converse back and forth in a "non-demeaning" manner. No hatred or spite towards on another. No, instead A Brotherhood of Blades, full of positive thinking and uplifting morale. Still not convinced? Heres my system of Authority. Players will be given a "Three strikes and your out" chance to play with guild mates without being a complete !@# to on another. I know this seems Impossible, but I assure you, we are better than this. I wish to be the guild that forges the diamonds from the coals. I'm looking for any and every guildless warrior that might be interested. The Subject will be our guild name once formed. As of now I am looking for recruits to sign my guild charter. I'll tip you for doing so, but again, this is not a raiding guild. We will be the social guild, "Brotherhood of Blades" that the players of Kilrogg will come to know and respect in time. I plan to help you all lvl to 90 with every means I have at my disposal. Once you reach 90, feel free to go, for no one will harbor any resentment at your leaving, it will and shall be how things are run in this guild. I have many activities planned ahead should you decide to bring your blade to our cause. I will hold Sparring matches, (duels in which the brotherhood will test your mettle and instruct you on how to progress your skills in battle and survival, host or have a guildmate form older content raids, and above all, "No warrior should strive through Azeroth without the Warglaives of Azzinoth in their arsenal." I cannot promise you it will drop for every week we trek through the dark moonlit corridors of the Black Temple, but this is just a sample of the many things to come should you decide to join us. I look forward to hearing from you my valiants. Pst Fâng in game for signing the charter. It all starts with a signature my friends.
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90 Gnome Death Knight
I think you have an interesting concept here. What made you decide on only using the warrior class? I probably would have used Druids if I were doing the same thing so that people could still spec as healers or dps, but cool nonetheless!
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81 Pandaren Warrior
Well, in your typical mmo or role playing game, you had guilds for particular classes. I found warriors to be the most challenging, having hardly any self healing abilities, it would be a challenge to old and newer players to clear dungeons, older raids, and even pvp. Games like Oblivion or even Skyrim did this, and well it was awesome. However my idea will be more centered towards players than the npcs. We could host challenges, duels, whatever could be fun for a guild of warriors, for the players burned out on current content and progression. A home away from home if you will. Again, It would be a social guild, full of friends, positive feedback, and eventually build up to "The Guild" for new players wanting to play the warrior, and proud warriors from the top end guilds that came from ours would look to everyone else and say, Doest Thou Even Hoist
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