Hey I'm Zeek, I have been playing since vanilla, and raiding since BC. Competitiveness drives me towards the top of charts, no matter what role I'm put in. I prefer DPS but am experienced in both tanking and healing. If needed I can switch to my shaman (especially if I'm needed as a healer), but I have been impressed by my druid's numbers more and more, as my gear progresses.

I am willing to help be apart of a raid team that is building. Unfortunately, I have been burnt on multiple occasions by guilds having positive plans for the future but with very little result. So I ask that if you are bringing me in as a "founding" raid member that I see consistent
I am even not above helping find members. Whatever it takes to get into raids.

As a person I wouldn't consider myself laid back, I want to win. Though I understand how to teach fellow guildies with patience. I can be very talkative and fun loving in vent, but once we confront a boss that could potentially cause a wipe I put my serious face on and expect everyone else to do the same.

I live on the east coast, and would love raid times between 7:00PM and 12:00PM (server) but I can be flexible to an extent.

I have many years as both an officer and raid leader, but I feel I have done my fair share of both, I am looking to raid and maximize my DPS.

Until I get a better computer I also ask for 10 man raids only please. I don't have a horrible computer, but in 25 man there are some fights like "Elegon" that drop my frame rate pretty bad. But only on 25 man. I will be upgrading my computer completely, in a few months.

Please don't contact me without reading all of the above. That being said if you are interested in me being apart of your raid team, Please add me on you're "Real ID" list: Zeek#1584 or send in-game mail to Zeekey.
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