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Im new to role playing and new to this server. If there is anybody that wants to help me get into it on this realm it would be much appreciated. Thanks
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Welcome Elamite! Each RP server has its own culture/community type, and what's common one one server may not be so common on another.

If you're playing Horde, Silvermoon is a fairly active RP hub here. There's a lot more random walk up RP due to the lack of flying and a heavy BE population! There are several weekly events, and I know of at least 3 that occur in SMC on weekend evenings, plus a few RP guild IC meetings through the week. On Wednesdays, there's often a bar in Undercity. The events generally begin at around 7pm server time, though there are some later in the evening, like around 8 or 9; not sure.

Alliance side, there are various social events and a couple of open to public guild meetings. Most of the RP occurs in Stormwind, though you'll see some folks random RPing in our Shrine now and then. Tuesday and Friday there are events in/around the Mage District, on Thursdays there's a lore event in Ironforge's Hall of Explorers, and Wednesday and Sunday see 2 RP guild IC meetings in Cathedral District. Everything except the Sunday meeting starts at 7pm server time on the respective days (the Sunday meet is at 4pm).

Many, but not all, RPers use rp-haven.com as a way to meet other RPers, share stories, and promote RP events. I also encourage promoting events and sharing shorter, forum-rules-approved stories and character stuff here on the realm forum if possible; I haven't seen anyone bother RP posts at all, and reported posts are usually handled anyway.
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Welcome to the server. I'm glad to see new roleplayers, on either side of the faction lines. Alynore pretty much hit the nail on the head. I welcome you to www.rp-haven.com to check out events, stories from the RPers on the server and more, and please, drop by as many events as possible.

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Hey, Elamite! :) I just made a character on Shadow Council, and I'm looking for some people to RP with! My character's name is Fianola, so you should look her up next time you're online.

I've found the best way to RP in-game is to just start talking to people. If you download the MRP addon, you can see who's big into RP and who's looking for contact. People will usually describe their characters with the addon, and it's pretty fun to see the different characters running around!
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cool sounds good
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The Nocturne is a Hordeside event that takes place fridays at 7pm server in Upper-Undercity. We've also got the Speakeasy this weekend at 7pm in the Hall of Reprise in the Royal Exchange in Silvermoon as well as Fancy Cakes at 6pm server in the Royal Exchange and Shadowfire Club at 8pm in the Warlock building in Murder Row in Silvermoon!

Our events are usually pretty active. Hope to see you around :)
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