Hello Nesingwary raiders! Shady Aftermath is looking for one (1) healer and one (1) ranged dps to fill in for our weekly ToT guild run. We have successfully cleared Jin'rokh every week since release and are progressing on Horridon. The goal for this raid is the same.

NOTE: If you wish to participate, please sign up on OpenRaid...

- We expect everyone to know the fights. This is NOT a learning group.
- High item level will be preferred when choosing players.
- 490 is the minimum item level required to join.
- Having a mic is mandatory.
- Loot is main spec roll first, then off spec.
- When signing up on OpenRaid, please input your current item level and your ?/12 normal mode experience in the comment NEXT to your name otherwise you will not be approved.
- Food will be provided. Raiders are responsible for their own flasks and potions.

- Everyone must be in MUMBLE. Please download in advance from sourceforge.net.
- We will send invites 15 minutes before the raid. Make sure you are online and ready to accept the invite.
- Make sure you check at what time the raid is ending (info at OpenRaid). If you leave before that time I will encourage everyone in the raid to give you negative feedback and comments on your Open Raid profile.