Bear Tanking "threat issues" please help

90 Tauren Druid
Hello all.. i'm finding it hard to keep threat in most raids.. i have been tanking with Worriers, Dk's and Monks.. no matter what i try they seem to rip the threat straight off me.. mostly causing a wipe because the other tank's are taking way too much damage for the healers.. i have been over my stats time and time again trying to work out this and spent lots of gold in the process reforging and chanting
Stats as follows
AP- 23,610
Hit- 7.41%
Armor 93,922
Dodge- 12.89%
The stats listed are unbuffed
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90 Tauren Paladin
Stats don't help as much as you might think in terms of aggro problems, honestly.

If you can't get aggro on a boss from a taunt, the other tank isn't throttling back enough to compensate for your lack of Vengeance.

If you don't get aggro on a few things in a trash pack, you're not going to, again Vengeance means the other tank will annihilate you on threat.

If its trash, it doesn't matter.

If its a boss, half the time it doesn't matter, the other half you let the other tank die, get rezzed, and taunt back. Usually that takes long enough for your debuff/whatever to get where it usually would warrant a swap again anyway.

Then you whisper them after the fight telling them to stop being retarded and hold off right after a taunt if they want to die less.
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90 Tauren Druid
Boss fights i have no issues with its trash i do have them.. LFR is killing me atm as the other tank's rip from me wipping the grp and im being kicked as a noob tank.. not the case i know my class very well and use all my defensive cool downds right.. just wondering if other bear tanks have this issue
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90 Tauren Paladin
Why aren't you out-threating DPS on trash? As long as you're second if your co-tank dies it doesn't matter.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Why aren't you out-threating DPS on trash? As long as you're second if your co-tank dies it doesn't matter.

LFR is killing me atm as the other tank's rip from me wipping the grp and im being kicked as a noob tank..

He's losing threat to other tanks, thus wiping the group. I can only assume he means the 1st few pulls in HoF and/or the first few groups in Throne, because nothing else could 'cause a wipe'- though even that, if the other tank died and he was 2nd on threat, it would just come to him.

Maybe taunting a mob or two off the other tank? dunno, not really seeing an issue with my co-tank (he's a bear).
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90 Night Elf Druid
A couple of tweaks first about your gear...

Stamina/Dodge enchants aren't exactly a no-go, but since you're already focusing on Crit/Hit for the RPS, no reason to short change yourself using subpar enchants elsewhere (for that purpose). Now obviously if you're getting gibbed due to your ilvl, keep the extra Stamina, but you already have a huge chunk of that from your trinket and you have way more Health than I do.

Colossus. No no no. Its not that it lacks value, its just very very weak compared to Dancing Steel or Windsong (with Windsong being ideal for RPS purposes). Windsong procs are actually very nice and getting Haste/Crit up helps your RPS/Survival/Threat quite a bit.

Otherwise keep trucking and keeping those fingers crossed for LFR goodies (as well as Valor rewards when your rep increases enough).

As for threat holding: I'm not really sure what sort of trash is causing wipes so you might need to be more specific there. Also note that even with nominal Vengeance, unless some very strongly geared DPS is AoEing right on the pull with CDs popped, just hitting your buttons off CD for every global should keep you in the top 3-4 without breaking a sweat. Use NV, Berserk, etc liberally as well.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Since last patch, my wife has SOME cases of not keeping aggro from my MW monk on her Blood DK. Her lesser geared Prot Warrior she does fine and I cannot pull aggo, but if I get a couple good crits while Fistweaving, I can yank the aggro off the Blood DK.

Maybe theirs something a TAD bit wonky in shieldless Tank threat....
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1 Draenei Mage
You really shouldnt stress yourself about that stuff in LFR. You are going to lose aggro from time to time, especially on trash packs. You are going to end up with some very well geared dps who will barely give you a second to get a swipe off on a pull. And while you're focusing on AoE, some people will be single targeting and generating massive amounts of threat on a individual mob with a few lucky crits.

Darpalta also had it right. Your co-tank makes a big difference. Many lfr tanks view it as competitive as opposed to cooperative. They will constantly fight you for aggro instead of switching off from time to time. Some of them just dont understand the encounter mechanics. If your not keeping threat after a taunt its likely because they are taunting right back off you.

Its easier than ever to keep threat, but its still everyone job to manage.
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