Hello All!

I am a newly transferred DK/Mage/Monk from Tichondrius. Been playing since Vanilla WoW in both PvE and PvP environments - not going to tell my WoW life story as it is quite lengthy. Short story is I am looking for a guild here on an Oceanic realm as I now live in Taipei, Taiwan. I have a teaching job here that I quite like - and I can no longer play on my US West server.

I am looking for a mature guild that likes to do both PvE and PvP - with more emphasis on PvP. I am leveling both my mage and my DK before I move on to working with my monk. I would like to have at least two 90's before questing through all of the old content (I have already finished the starting area). This way I stay in "new" content as long as possible.

If there are any Alliance guilds out there that have room for me, it would be fabulous. Please message me in game if there is a spot on your roster for a mage, DK and monk. :D