Farming JP @ Level 90

90 Worgen Warrior
Well this evening / morning I've been trying to farm up some good old Justice Points for some heirloom gear.

Seems that the grind / farm would take much longer than originally expected though so, with that, is there something I'm missing?

I've tried random BGs. 375 HP - 250 JP... considering this isn't a guaranteed investment (the alliance could lose -- and most often time does)... this route does not seem to be ideal.

I then went looking at LFR / Heroic Dungeons / Scenarios. Being Valor capped for the week I get a bag from completing a scenario and that rewards me 60 Justice Points from the bag. Now I am not sure if this is a set amount but doing the math here... 60(x)=2175 JP where x = the amount of scenarios I need to run.... 37 scenarios. Hmmm...

I haven't tried a random heroic yet at Valor Cap. I presume that each boss would drop some amount of JP, yes? And what about completing the random? I check the LFD que and it states nothing of reward with Justice Points.


The bottom line is this -- what's the fastest / most efficient method to farm Justice Points at 90? I've Goggled some other topics and have found replies prior to 5.2 and other useless stuff.

Like I said.. perhaps I'm missing something. Never really bothered to pay attention until recently when I need the said currency for heirlooms lol....
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Well I've just gotten my first 90 in the past month all I really did was queue, Now I'm stocked filled of JP that I've been swapping it for Honor D:
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1 Draenei Paladin
120 Justice Points per boss in heroics. That's your answer.
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90 Undead Rogue
Tank heroics, even if you are valor capped, if you want to earn a lot of JP. You'll get instant queue times, and if you dont suck you can do speed runs too. The shortest heroics only take about 8-10 minutes for a fast run, 15 on average. The longer runs take about 15 minute for a fast run, 20-25 or even 30 if the group isnt all that good.

I would even say try tanking it in your dps gear. This one time a geared warrior tanked in arms and he did top damage and nobody could pull off of him. Healer didnt complain because packs were exploding pretty fast.
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90 Undead Priest
Queu for Arena of Annihilation. With a decent group it takes 5 minutes or less to complete and upon completion you get 84JP.

Or do the Jade Forest, that seems to be the fastest heroics at 120JP a boss.
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